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n. pl. en·vi·ros Informal
An environmentalist.


n, pl enviros
(Environmental Science) informal an environmentalist


(ɛnˈvaɪ roʊ)
n., pl. -ros.
Informal. an environmentalist.
[1985–90; by shortening]
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Flare panel talks to General Manager, Enviro Pakistan Pvt Ltd, Zaheer Ahmed, who says that the Enviro is committed to bringing the latest electronic technology to Pakistan in terms of quality products which are presented to the customers in most affordable way.
KARACHI -- In order to provide a reliable solution to the load-shedding in the heat waves of summer, Enviro has launched a new, economical and smart UPS Inverter E-1202-6l/e1200i which supports up to 5 Fans, 12 Energy savers or 24 LED bulbs.
For the new single engine turboprop aircraft Enviro Systems will design, certify, and manufacture the vapor cycle air conditioning system, cabin pressure control system, and different other components.
Opple, a renowned international lighting company having its sales and distribution networks in China, Russia, Europe, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South-east Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India, has organized a launch event for its lighting product range in Pakistan, in collaboration with JW Enviro Pakistan Pvt.
Girls from Newcastle Church High Junior School have been presented with two Enviro awards by Newcastle City Council for their eco efforts.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-November 24, 2011--CRISIL attaches D ratings to bank facilities of Enviro Plastech(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
has introduced Enviro Coat Reflective 1545, one of the industry's first commercially produced architectural coatings designed to reflect the sun's radiant heat, according to the company.
HP packages the batteries under the Enviro moniker, which the company said which highlights their "green" credentials.
Enviro Luxury Hand Wash doubles as a body and hair shampoo and the balanced pH leaves hands clean and protects skin against dryness.
Independent process solution specialist Core-Chem, has been commended by Enviro Tech Europe for their approach to solvent reduction programmes.
The Deneview site of Trinity School, in Freeman Road, Newcastle, has picked up the Enviro Schools Gold Award in recognition of the work carried out by students since September 2003.
have ordered the Metro Enviro transfer station to stop accepting material on July 23, according to a report in the Journal News (White Plains, N.