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The envoy of Tosti was admitted, when this ample room could scarce contain the crowd of noble Saxon leaders, who were quaffing the blood-red wine around their monarch.
This envoy had instructions to represent to the monarch of Blefuscu, "the great lenity of his master, who was content to punish me no farther than with the loss of mine eyes; that I had fled from justice; and if I did not return in two hours, I should be deprived of my title of NARDAC, and declared a traitor.
The Emperor, yielding to political necessity, gave her into the hands of the envoy with the order that she should be strangled.
An envoy of the Duke of Buckingham, named Montague, was taken, and proof was obtained of a league between the German Empire, Spain, England, and Lorraine.
His eminence cannot see the letter without the bearer of it," replied the young man; "but to convince you that I am really the bearer of a letter, see, here it is; and kindly add," continued he, "that I am not a simple messenger, but an envoy extraordinary.
It was a party of twenty-five Bannack Indians, friendly to the whites, and they proposed, through their envoy, that both parties should encamp together, and hunt the buffalo, of which they had discovered several large herds hard by.
Ulysses once came here as envoy about yourself, and Menelaus with him.
It was full of peril, as the envoy might be shot down at the threshold.
The envoy presented himself before the bishop of Vannes.
Some of them were talking (he heard Russian words), others were eating bread; the more severely wounded looked silently, with the languid interest of sick children, at the envoy hurrying past them.
And he delivered this statement with as much careful precision as if he had been a diplomatic envoy whose words would be attended with results.
Who were these white men to march so boldly into the presence of the King without even the formality of sending an envoy ahead?