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 (ē′ə-sĭn′ə-fĭl′) also e·o·sin·o·phile (-fīl′)
A white blood cell that functions in the immune response by releasing enzymes that can kill parasites and other pathogens. Eosinophils are found chiefly in connective tissue and contain granules that are stained by eosin or other acid dyes.


(ˌiːəʊˈsɪnəˌfɪl) or


(Physiology) a leucocyte with a multilobed nucleus and coarse granular cytoplasm that stains readily with acidic dyes such as eosin
ˌeoˌsinoˈphilic, eosinophilous adj


(ˌi əˈsɪn ə fɪl)

also e•o•sin•o•phile


1. any biological substance that stains when exposed to eosin.
2. a white blood cell that contains eosinophilic granules.


A type of white blood cell that takes up the red dye eosin.
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Noun1.eosinophil - a leukocyte readily stained with eosineosinophil - a leukocyte readily stained with eosin
leucocyte, leukocyte, WBC, white blood cell, white blood corpuscle, white cell, white corpuscle - blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi; an important part of the body's defense system


, eosinophile
n. eosinófilo, célula granulocítica que acepta fácilmente la acción colorante de la eosina.


n eosinófilo
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Nucala is the first and only approved biologic therapy that targets interleukin-5 (IL-5), which plays an important role in regulating the function of eosinophils, an inflammatory cell known to be important in asthma.
The vascular proliferation is invested by a rich inflammatory infiltrate, including lymphocytes, mast cells, and eosinophils, the latter varying in density within and between lesions (figures 1 and 2).
Our findings suggest that a sensitive screening strategy for urogenital schistosomiasis consists of a patient's travel history (exposure in multiple years), clinical history (any new genitourinary complaints after freshwater exposure), eosinophil count, and serologic testing.
The Lancet Respir Med 2015, Reslizumab for inadequately controlled asthma with elevated blood eosinophil counts: results from two multicentre, parallel, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trials, Mario Castro, James Zangrilli, Michael E Wechsler, Eric D Bateman, Guy G Brusselle, Philip Bardin, Kevin Murphy, Jorge F Maspero, Christopher O'Brien, Stephanie Korn
To test whether it works, researchers from King's College conducted a small trial measuring the speed of eosinophil cells.
Histologically, the lamina propria is oedematous, containing a mixed inflammatory infiltrate in which eosinophils are prominent.
8220;There is no better time than National Eosinophil Awareness Week for patients, caregivers, organizations, and health care providers to work together in a united effort to raise awareness about what these diseases are and what it is like to live with them.
004), whereas eosinophil percentages increased with decreasing body weight in adult birds (P = .
Mucosal eosinophil infiltrate, observed in 75% of NCWS patients compared to 0% of the control group, may be a more appropriate histological marker.
Liver biopsy revealed eosinophilic microabscesses and Charcot-Leyden crystals formed by the breakdown of eosinophils.
Sixty-nine percent of the white cells were identified as eosinophils, giving an absolute eosinophil count of 42.

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