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 (ĭ-fĕd′rə, ĕf′ĭ-drə)
1. Any of various usually shrubby gymnosperms of the genus Ephedra, having jointed green stems and small scalelike leaves, some species of which are used as a source of ephedrine.
2. A drug containing ephedrine derived from one of these plants, used in traditional Chinese medicine as a stimulant and decongestant and sold in the United States primarily as a dietary supplement for weight loss before it was banned because of toxic side effects in 2004. Also called ma huang.

[Latin ephedra, horsetail, from Greek ephedrā, from feminine of ephedros, sitting upon : ep-, epi-, epi- + hedrā, seat; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]


(Plants) any gymnosperm shrub of the genus Ephedra, of warm regions of America and Eurasia: the source of ephedrine: family Ephedraceae, phylum Gnetophyta
[C18: New Latin, from Latin, from Greek ephedros a sitting upon, from epi- + hedra seat]


(ɪˈfɛd rə, ˈɛf ɪ drə)

n., pl. -ras.
any desert gymnosperm plant of the genus Ephedra, of the family Gnetaceae, with leaves reduced to scales at stem joints.
[1890–1900; < New Latin (Linnaeus) < Greek ephédra the horsetail plant, literally, sitting (upon a place)]
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Noun1.ephedra - jointed and nearly leafless desert shrub having reduced scalelike leaves and reddish fleshy seeds
genus Ephedra - type and sole genus of Ephedraceae: tropical and subtropical evergreen shrubby or creeping plants native to dry and inhospitable regions
Ephedra sinica, mahuang - Chinese ephedra yielding ephedrine
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems


n (bot) efedra
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Ephedra species are not obligately insect-pollinated, as wind pollination may also occur at the same time (Karl Niklas, this volume).
The product, known as Asthmina Syrup Natural, contains ephedra, also known as ma haung, an ancient Chinese herb traditionally used to treat asthma, colds, congestion and coughs.
At the time Metabolife was saying it had a "claims-free history," the FDA was considering tighter regulations on products containing ephedra.
I recently received an e-mall solicitation that said "Last chance--get ephedra for 40 percent off--two days left.
Dodgers left-hander Hong-Chih Kuo, who pitched five strong innings to help his native Chinese Taipei to victory in the first round of the Asian Games in Doha, Qatar, in December, tested positive for the banned substance ephedra before that event.
Ephedra has a long history of being associated with severe cardiovascular events, often in young, healthy patients.
that the basis for its filing of this case is to prevent continued arbitrary and capricious behavior on the part of the FDA, in complete contravention to the federal court decision in April 2005 in which the Honorable Judge Tena Campbell reversed the FDA's ban on ephedra.
Some "ephedra-free" weight-loss supplements may raise blood pressure and heart rate, just like ephedra does.
FDA lifts ephedra ban, but caution is still warranted--
The agency said ephedra showed few benefits "other than modest, short-term weight loss insufficient to improve health while raising blood pressure and otherwise stressing the circulatory system," Mr.
Until then, ephedra (also known as ma huang) was one of the most popular products for losing weight and enhancing athletic performance, although for years reports of adverse reactions had signaled potential health risks.
They include the following topics, many of which Mealey's already devotes a newsletter to: mold, latex, MTBE, toxic torts, welding rods, asbestos, tobacco, vaccines, ephedra, PPA, Baycol, silica, lead, emerging drugs, and fen-hen.