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1. The point on the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake.
2. The focal point of a usually harmful or unpleasant phenomenon or event; the center: stood at the epicenter of the international crisis.

ep′i·cen′tral adj.
Usage Note: Epicenter is properly a geological term identifying the point of the earth's surface directly above the focus of an earthquake. No doubt this is why the Usage Panel approves of figurative extensions of its use in dangerous, destructive, or negative contexts. In our 2008 survey, 74 percent accepted the sentence identifying a country as the epicenter for terrorist financing. The Panel is less fond but still accepting of epicenter when it is used to refer to the focal point of neutral or positive events. Fifty percent approved of the word in a sentence identifying New York City as the epicenter of European immigration. These percentages are both down a little from those in our 1996 survey, but not significantly.
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Intensity attenuation relation at Chamba-Garhwal area in northwest Himalaya with epicentral distance and magnitude.
Among my first influences, which come from enthusiastic adolescent reading interests, are Rimbaud, badly read, but read with a great deal of passion in difficult times; and Cesar Vallejo, as a poet who reveals the force of language and poetic voice, an epicentral and foundational poet.
We are excited to leverage Suzo-Happ s established global relationships to further expand the addressable market in Europe and beyond for our Epicentral bonusing solution as well as our award-winning Epic printers.
Epicentral Founded tn 2011 by 409 N Tejon Lisa Tessarowtcz St.
4) Despite the failure of the neo-colonial state and its resultant irrelevance to the lives of the vast majority of the African peoples, the state remains epicentral to the establishment of holistic democracy, peace and stability in Africa.
Located on the Pacific coast, about 190 kilometers southwest of Tokyo, the five-reactor Hamaoka complex is known to be standing on an assumed epicentral area for a massive earthquake.
Mehrdad Mahdyiar, senior director of earthquake research for catastrophe modeler AIR Worldwide has said insured losses "will not be significant given the low residential take-up rates and the relatively rural nature of the epicentral region.
It neither safeguards the robustness of enterprises nor serves the workers as a whole," economist Spyros Episkopou, chief executive officer of Epicentral Consultancy told the Sunday Mail.
Bricks falling from chimneys and cracking of plaster on walls in Moncton and nearby Hopewell, at the time of the 1855 earthquake, indicate these communities experienced intensities of VI and are in the epicentral region.
In the epicentral region, minor rockfalls were observed as well as cracks in the gravel and sand at the edges of islands and borders of lakes.
Lehmann (1961) pointed out that the European as well as the north-eastern American observations of S waves at small epicentral distances indicates the presence of a low velocity layer.