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1. The outer, protective, nonvascular layer of the skin of vertebrates, covering the dermis.
2. An integument or outer layer of various invertebrates.
3. The outermost layer of cells covering the leaves and young parts of a plant.

[Late Latin, from Greek : epi-, epi- + derma, skin; see der- in Indo-European roots.]

ep′i·der′mal (-məl), ep′i·der′mic adj.
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Adj.1.epidermic - of or relating to a cuticle or cuticula


a. epidérmico-a, rel. a la epidermis.
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Qualitatively evaluated were the following: (1) idioblasts; (2) epidermic cells; (3) cuticle; (4) form of the stomata; (5) arrangement of the stomata; (6) form of the guard cells; (7) subsidiary cells; (8) hypodennis; (9) trichomes; (10) mesophyll; (11) vascular and extravascular fibers; (12) vascular bundles; and (13) fungi.
A comparison of Billy's various versions of this motif suggests that her sculptural interests are ultimately focused on what might be called epidermic concerns--that is, on the study of the possible crusts and surfaces of matter.
1b and c); and (4) most epidermic cells are larger than 15 uni.
Daniel Rakazi of Medicines San Frontier (MSF) said the medical charity managed to reach Yambio, Ezo and Tombura, providing drugs to people living with the HIV/Aids epidermic.
2010) which has sedative effects and has been evaluated on epidermic cancer cell lines A43 and HaCaT.
The new improved PRoPHET routing protocol is a improvised version of epidermic protocol .
By proposing a necessary departure from what she defines an epidermic (and Pasolinian) interpretation of the Roman periphery in favor of a model that takes into account the complexity of Rome's contemporary cityscape--a sprawl, an outer city, or a post-metropolis--Modena argues for the necessity to merge different critical and narrative instruments in order to capture Rome's new urbanscape.
This guide, directed at nutritionalists, dietitians and other health care providers who wish to address the abdominal obesity epidermic, brings together experts in the field to explore how diet, food selection and exercise can play a role in reducing visceral fat.
Directly concerning the limits of the self, all phantom pain is eminently epidermic.
Titled "James Joyce's Epidermic Adventures," Garrington's chapter on Joyce opens with a discussion of masturbation, most notably in the "Nausicaa" episode of Ulysses, and links manual pleasures in Joyce to "the caressing gaze of the viewer" of sculpture (76).
110 pm2) (SNUE, SNAE); epidermic cell number per transect (CNUE, CNAE, considering number of complete cells placed on 10 transects 155 pm long, randomised take on each slide).