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Formed, originating, or occurring on or just below the surface of the earth.

[French épigène, from Greek epigenēs, growing after : epi-, epi- + -genēs, -born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Geological Science) formed or taking place at or near the surface of the earth. Compare hypogene
[C19: from French épigène, ultimately from Greek epigignesthai to be born after, from gignesthai to be born]


(ˈɛp ɪˌdʒin)

formed or originating on the earth's surface (opposed to hypogene): epigene rock.
[1815–25; < French épigène < Greek epigenḗs born after, growing after. See epi-, -gen]
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Cloud, 2010) If positive stimulation like movement is missing, or if negative stimulation like environmental toxins are present, a brain building epigene can be switched Off, preventing the next stage of brain development from taking place.
Company Province Sector Asmoya Bulawayo Mining 5% Investments Baragon Bulawayo Mining 10% Trading Dunlop Bulawayo Manufacturing 5% Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd Epigene Pvt Bulawayo Mining 10% Ltd Farvic Con.
Not content to plead the "inadequacy of glacial dams", tectonic influence was seen as sufficient explanation, rather than the "adventitious and epigene agencies as are sometimes employed" (Chalmers P-1904, p.
Like Deleuze, Ni Chuilleanain can represent these unfoldings and enfoldings of time in terms of drapes, elaborate costumes, curtains, hair, weeds in water, thread, or a spider's web, but she most frequently resorts to epigene images, growing below the surface of earth or sea or epigenous images such as that in a poem from The Second Voyage which opens: 'Missing from the scene/The many flat surfaces,/Undersides of doors, of doormats.