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Formed, originating, or occurring on or just below the surface of the earth.

[French épigène, from Greek epigenēs, growing after : epi-, epi- + -genēs, -born; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]


(Geological Science) formed or taking place at or near the surface of the earth. Compare hypogene
[C19: from French épigène, ultimately from Greek epigignesthai to be born after, from gignesthai to be born]


(ˈɛp ɪˌdʒin)

formed or originating on the earth's surface (opposed to hypogene): epigene rock.
[1815–25; < French épigène < Greek epigenḗs born after, growing after. See epi-, -gen]
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The solutional sinkholes are formed by epigene processes and collapse structures represent failure into an underlying void, which may have formed by hypogene or epigene processes.
Cloud, 2010) If positive stimulation like movement is missing, or if negative stimulation like environmental toxins are present, a brain building epigene can be switched Off, preventing the next stage of brain development from taking place.
Company Province Sector Asmoya Bulawayo Mining 5% Investments Baragon Bulawayo Mining 10% Trading Dunlop Bulawayo Manufacturing 5% Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd Epigene Pvt Bulawayo Mining 10% Ltd Farvic Con.
Not content to plead the "inadequacy of glacial dams", tectonic influence was seen as sufficient explanation, rather than the "adventitious and epigene agencies as are sometimes employed" (Chalmers P-1904, p.
Divides persist as old etch surfaces (HILLS, 1975: 300) which, because they imply the former existence of a weathered and reasonably planate surface, carry with them evidence of former even older epigene surfaces.
In the MeDALL cohorts, the Generation R Study, and BAMSE EpiGene mean concentrations of N[O.
In describing the first four levels of the soul, I shall posit where I think the dynamic epigene fits in.
The successful isolation of a number of informative MSAP fragments is reported, and their sequences are used to identify potential candidate epigenes involved in replanting disease.
59b-c hatten sich Phaidon, Apollodoros, Kritoboulos,und sein Vater Kriton, Hermogenes, Epigenes, Aischines, Antisthenes, Ktesippos, M enexenos, Simmias, Kebes, Phaidondes, Eukleides und Terpsion im Gefangnis um den auf seine Hinrichtung wartenden und den Sterbenden versammelt.