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n.1.(Zool.) A structure which overlaps the mouth of certain insects.
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The following set of larval characters are described and illustrated: morphology of antenna, epipharynx, mandibles, maxilla, ligula with labial palp, hastisetae, spicisetae, legs, abdominal terga, and condition of antecostal suture.
The mechanical (cotton-tipped swab) stimulation of the dorsal aspect of the epipharynx has been associated with hiccup.
Recently, Long and McNamara28 reported 17 cases that develeral cephalometric x-ray, of the head, provides an excellent view of any adenoid tissue in the epipharynx.
0 mm; cranium smooth, colour yellowish brown; frons with median longitudinal depression, single posterior frontal seta and single anterior angle seta; one round pigmented area medially at each side of frontal suture; dorsoepicranium with 2 widely separated, medium sized setae at each side; tentorial pits evident; stemmata evident; clypeus subtrapezoidal in shape, with 1 posterior clypeal seta and 1 or 2 exterior clypeal setae; preclypeus weakly sclerotized, without setae; labrum with anterior border trilobed and clithra present; epipharynx (Fig.
Description of the larvae of Plectis aliena Chapin and explanation of new terms applied to the epipharynx and raster.
At digital investigation the lesion was of hard elastic consistence, with wide bottom, fixed to upper back wall of epipharynx, bleeding.
We have not been able to study the sensilla of the epipharynx which constitutes the internal face of the labrum because the dissection of the labrum of this small moth is very delicate and we have too few specimens at our disposal.
The larvae had convergent palidia with 22-26 pali, bullae of the respiratory stigmata with a melanized band, epipharynx with acanthoparia of 14-16 short spines, and plegmatia with 13-14 plegmata.
In addition to inspecting the nasal cavities using a headlamp and nose speculum, we also inspected the auditory canals and eardrums, the mouth, the epipharynx, and the larynx.