epiphytic plant

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Noun1.epiphytic plant - plant that derives moisture and nutrients from the air and rainepiphytic plant - plant that derives moisture and nutrients from the air and rain; usually grows on another plant but not parasitic on it
plant life, flora, plant - (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
Clusia insignis, waxflower - epiphytic clusia of British Guiana
black moss, long moss, old man's beard, Spanish moss, Tillandsia usneoides - dense festoons of greenish-grey hairlike flexuous strands anchored to tree trunks and branches by sparse wiry roots; southeastern United States and West Indies to South America
aeschynanthus - a plant of the genus Aeschynanthus having somewhat red or orange flowers and seeds having distinctive hairs at base and apex
hemiepiphyte, semiepiphyte - a plant that is an epiphyte for part of its life
strangler, strangler tree - an epiphytic vine or tree whose aerial roots extend down the trunk of a supporting tree and coalesce around it eventually strangling the tree
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The epiphytic plant uses them as ropes to secure itself and to keep its balance in spite of bumps and gusts of wind".
Last year I followed up on some advice given to our local epiphytic plant society by a chap who spent 30 years in charge of the very successful sub-tropical Fernery at the 52 hectare Pukekura Park in New Plymouth (NZ).
We found two nests each positioned on epiphytic plants and constructed using materials found on the epiphytic plant.
Epiphytic plant species are well known to suffer from nutrient shortages and should greatly benefit from a fungal symbiont (Lesica and Antibus, 1990).
Still others have attempted to quantify the effects of microclimate (Freiburg, 1998; Cardelus 2002; Cardelus and Chazdon, 2005), tree characteristics (Ter Steege and Cornelissen, 1989; Cardelus, 2002, 2007, Cardelus and Chazdon, 2005), and individual plant adaptations (Benzing, 1986, 1987) on overall epiphytic plant distributions.
For a second time this year, scientists from Marie Selby Botanical Gardens collaborated with colleagues from Caves Branch Botanical Gardens (CBBG) as well as the University of Belize Environmental Research Institute to conduct a country-wide inventory of epiphytic plants in Belize.