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Of, relating to, or involving knowledge; cognitive.

[From Greek epistēmē, knowledge; see epistemology.]

ep′i·ste′mi·cal·ly adv.


1. (Philosophy) of or relating to knowledge or epistemology
2. (Logic) denoting the branch of modal logic that deals with the formalization of certain epistemological concepts, such as knowledge, certainty, and ignorance.. See also doxastic
[C20: from Greek epistēmē knowledge]
ˌepisˈtemically adv


(ˌɛp əˈsti mɪk, -ˈstɛm ɪk)

of or pertaining to knowledge.
[1920–25; < Greek epistēmikós <epistḗm(ē) knowledge]
ep`i•ste′mi•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.epistemic - of or relating to epistemology; "epistemic modal"


adj (Philos) → epistemisch (spec)
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The question is how to go about engaging the epistemic claims of the various religious traditions.
Objective: "The project will investigate pragmatic and epistemic benefits of delusional beliefs, distorted memories and confabulatory explanations in the context of normal and abnormal cognition.
Unlike previous arguments for the level specificity of chance, the present argument shows, in a precise sense, that higher level chance does not collapse into epistemic probability, despite higher level properties supervening on lower level ones.
The main goals of this paper are: turning attention of the researchers in this field on the mathematical models underlying games of chance and the quantifiable gambling activity; an objective classification of these models by epistemological criteria and evidentiating a current disinterest on a particular category of models (the functional ones) in favor of the statistical models; detecting a potential of all these mathematical models to contribute in problem gambling prevention and treatment (as generating a particular kind of knowledge--the epistemic knowledge--related to and deriving from these models and the act of mathematical modeling).
After exposing the epistemic distinctions between statistical
This article uses the theory of epistemic contextualism to justify the exclusion of otherwise relevant evidence, and even reliable hearsay, on the basis of preventing shifts in the epistemic context.
First, she adopts a version of what is often called the Equal Weight View, which holds that I should give the opinions of those I regard as epistemic peers about the same weight I give to my own opinions.
The argument here is that there are certain epistemic norms such that, when you assess one of your beliefs as being in violation of any of them, either the belief dissolves or your comportment toward the belief significantly changes.
This short book offers an innovative defense of the possibility of moral knowledge against three skeptical challenges to the effect that our access to moral truth depends on epistemic luck.
In order to sidestep these ontological questions and provide a framework for making political decisions, I offer an alternative approach to natural rights grounded in epistemology, in particular, epistemic limitations with respect to beliefs about individuals' interests.
Black philosophy succeeds in turning such oppressive conceptual schemes against themselves by holding them accountable with rigorous standards of authentic moral, religious, and political praxis; standards that the epistemic motivations of oppressive axiological, political, and religious conceptual schemes ignore altogether.
Reformed epistemology and the problem of religious diversity; proper function, epistemic disagreement, and Christian exclusivism.