equal sign

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equal sign

The symbol (=) used to indicate logical or mathematical equality.

equal sign


equals sign

(Mathematics) the symbol =, used to indicate a mathematical equality

e′qual sign`

or e′quals sign`,

the symbol (=) used, esp. in a mathematical or logical expression, to indicate that the terms it separates are equal.
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Noun1.equal sign - a sign indicating that the quantities on either side are equal
sign - a character indicating a relation between quantities; "don't forget the minus sign"
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If toll/tribute money can promote liberal socialism then all political groups must have equal sign time.
Get Married to the Idea," and features a pink equal sign inspired by the HRC logo that took over social media in anticipation of today's decision.
com/red-equal-sign-goes-viral-facebook-during-supreme-court-gay-marriage-hearing-1152787) red equal sign is back on social media sites.
Remove the equal sign from the IF statements in cells K5 and L5.
It helps users solve equations step-by-step by picking up a term and dragging it to the other side of the equal sign to solve problems one step at a time.
Their comments demonstrate what is referred to as an operational view of the equal sign (Carpenter, Franke, & Levi, 2003).
On her right hand she has five tiny tattoos on her finger - an equal sign, a peace symbol, a cross, a heart, and the word 'karma'.
Unfortunately students, conceptions about the equal sign interfere with their ability to successfully solve and analyze equations (Carpenter et al.
Topics include "Teaching the Meaning of the Equal Sign to Children with Learning Disabilities," "Amplifying Students' Learning in Mathematics Using Curriculum-Embedded, Java-Based Software," and "Creating an Equitable Learning Environment for Teachers of Grades K-8 Mathematics.
To link Sales (D5) in SubsidiaryA to Sales (BS) in Consolidating, enter an equal sign (=) in Consolidating B5; then go to D5 in SubsidiaryA and press Enter (see exhibit 1).
Referring to the same study, Blair (2005) reports: "It became clear through subsequent class discussions that to these students, the equal sign meant "carry out the operation".