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Adj.1.equanimous - in full control of your faculties; "the witness remained collected throughout the cross-examination"; "perfectly poised and sure of himself"; "more self-contained and more dependable than many of the early frontiersmen"; "strong and self-possessed in the face of trouble"
composed - serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress; "the performer seemed completely composed as she stepped onto the stage"; "I felt calm and more composed than I had in a long time"
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So the really difficult part is when you're meditating for this long is you're sitting with awareness and with an equanimous mind so that you're not leaning into cravings or aversions.
Whereas folks mostly operate in a world of "motivated perception," seeking stimuli that reflects their desires, the mindful take a more open-minded, equanimous approach to new things.
Even the laksa is unrecognizable-and that's not just a now equanimous stomach speaking.
Yet if there is one character who manages a somewhat equanimous life in all this, it's Nizar, the narrator's gay (or transgender?
During his sermons to the soldiers, Soen taught that a clear and equanimous mind could thwart any enemy attack; unfortunately, his accounts of the devastation of war prove his teaching false.
In theory, chant is theological, embodying divine simplicity in all its ecclesial richness; in practice, however, chant is anthropological, encapsulating human simplicity in all its equanimous cultural manifestations and forms.
The previous night, I had heard that my usually stoic and equanimous mother had decided to separate from my beloved but apparently cheating father because she could no longer stand his disrespect and lack of consideration towards her.
Attempting to introduce such an outstanding and visible figure as Robert Darnton--current director of the Harvard University Library, long-time professor in the History Department at Princeton University, a great connoisseur of Diderot's Encyclopedie Archives and of the prolongations of its history in the National Archives of France, and, finally, an informed and equanimous polemicist who has long written in the New York Review of Books--to an audience of historians or a cultivated academic public is a pointless endeavor.
With 12 months of the year, the 12 days of Christmas 12 signs of the zodiac, and 12 apostles, 13 perhaps suffers for being the odd number to follow the more equanimous 12.
I am inclined to believe that he was more strident at the beginning of his ministry, but became more circumspect and equanimous towards the end.
All these appear to tell a different story about the detached equanimous recluse Holmes.