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 (ē′kwə-tôr′ē-əl, ĕk′wə-)
a. Of, relating to, or resembling the earth's equator.
b. Relating to conditions that exist at the earth's equator: equatorial heat.
2. Being or having a mounting with two perpendicular axes, one of which is parallel to the earth's rotational axis, allowing a telescope so mounted to track a celestial object for long periods with adjustments only to that axis.
A telescope having an equatorial mounting.

e′qua·to′ri·al·ly adv.
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At high power, without tracking, mounted equatorially, and with a pipe for a finder, Jeff states, "It's a pain finding anything and staying on it.
2011), wherein two measurements were performed in opposite equatorially areas of each fruit to measure the luminosity and tone of the skin.
We demonstrated that CPC activity (in the form of Aurora kinase function) is required for cytokinesis, and provided the first evidence that CPC and centralspindlin components both accumulate on equatorially aimed and overlapping astral microtubules.
The samples were equatorially scanned within a 2[theta] range (=20[degrees]-80[degrees]) at an increment of 0.
Cbl has the most complex structure of all known organic cofactors and its core structure includes a corrin ring in which the central cobalt atom is equatorially tethered to four nitrogen atoms.
5-2 m wide, lacuni 3 x 5 m wide, saccus distally inclined, surrounding the central body equatorially, the lateral continuation of the saccus is usually broad, marginal limbus poorly developed.
Parawrightia is found in northern and southern tropical waters of the western Atlantic and sub equatorially in the eastern Indian Ocean, at depths of 0-12 m (Kelmo & Santa-Isabel, 1998; Grohmann et al.
Surgical procedures: Micro-TESE was performed under general anesthesia by removing off testicular tissue through a transversal incision of the albuginea, either equatorially or in the cranial part of the testis.
The map is equatorially aligned, meaning that regions at the poles appear distorted.
KELT is an acronym for Kilodegree Extremely Little Telescope because the "telescope" is simply an equatorially mounted CCD camera fitted with a lens of 4.
Treated boards were placed on a rack facing equatorially and inclined at 45[degrees] to the vertical for 12 months in Canberra, Australia (35[degrees].