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 (ē′kwĭ-dĭs′tənt, ĕk′wĭ-)
Equally distant.

e′qui·dis′tance (-təns) n.
e′qui·dis′tant·ly adv.
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There's an equidistance here worth noting: When it premiered, Freaks and Geeks was looking back 20 years or so to 1980; to the credit of Everything Sucks
However, in 2014, shortly before filing a case with the court, Somalia claimed a maritime boundary along an equidistance line, ignoring the 35-year practice of recognising and respecting the maritime boundary along a parallel of latitude.
Maintaining equidistance relations with both the immediate neighbours, opening doors for trade with our northern neighbour, construction of railways and roads, construction of hydropower projects are the prime projects initiated by the Left alliance, said Rimal.
Il en fera l'annonce ce mercredi 06 decembre 2017, selon l 'AFP , pietinant des decennies de tradition diplomatique qui ont fait des USA un interlocuteur credible aussi bien pour les Palestiniens que pour les Israeliens, plus ou moins a equidistance avec les causes des uns et des autres.
Telders Primary School is situated in Leiden, a city in the province of South Holland, equidistance between Amsterdam to the North and Rotterdam to the South.
But given India's understanding on its core security interests in its immediate periphery Sri Lanka's policy of equidistance itself generates anxieties amongst India's policy makers.
Five seeds of turnip (purple top) were sown on 20th October, in the pot (35 cm dia) and then were thinned to two plants at equidistance to avoid plant competition.
The vials having plant's twigs were adjusted at equidistance from each other (15 cm) as well as from the petridish adjusted in the central hole of sheet.
Does that imply that the United States will pursue a policy of equidistance between the EU and the Kremlin?
Likewise, situated as it is nearly equidistance between Asia, Europe, and the United States, Alaska has become a key player in the international air cargo industry with dozens of airlines making use of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport as a stop to refuel, change crews, and pick-up or transfer cargo.
Sociological analyses show that the equidistance between the individual or the group and the otherness is almost impossible and that both individuals and groups have their preferences about establishing communication with the others.