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 (ē′kwə-mō′lər, ĕk′wə-)
adj. Chemistry
Having an equal number of moles.
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To grow ZnO nanorodes, prepared seed layer FTO glass is subsequently put in an auto-clave filled with an equimolar (35mM) aqueous solution of Zn (Oac)2.
The main research objective is the production of so-called high-flow alloys, which consist of an approximately equimolar mixture of at least four and five elements, respectively.
Then equimolar quantities of Nalidixic acid hydrazide and ten substituted benzaldehyde were refluxed in the presence of methyl alcohol for a period of 30 minutes.
The MHA resembles Met in chemical structure, with a hydroxyl group instead of an amino group, and it can be equimolar transformed to Met by transamination.
The resulting 120mer full-length probes, pooled at equimolar concentrations in the panel, display reduced GC content bias.
Library generation included fluorescence quantification, equimolar pooling, end repair, 3'-dA tailing, adaptor ligation with linkage of complementary PCR strands for 2D reads, final purification, and quantification.
3] M solution of thymoquinone (TQ) and equimolar solution of[K.
equimolar concentrations to those found in the alcoholic extract) or a combination of the two components.
In a typical reaction, 4-chloro-3-nitro-2H-[1]benzopyran-2-one 2, equimolar amounts of 3aminotriazole 3(a-b), respectively 2aminobenzothiazole 3(c-e) and a catalytic amount of triethylamine in acetonitrile were refluxed in a water bath for 1-16 h.
EUBmix (mixed equimolar solution of EUB338, EUB338II and EUB338III) was used for the detection of most Bacteria, Ntspa and NIT3 (Egli et al.
The specific environmental conditions in the must include high osmotic pressure, equimolar mixture of glucose and fructose, presence of SO2, non-optimal growth temperature, increasing alcohol concentrations, anaerobic conditions and decreasing nutrients.