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 (ē′kwə-mō′lər, ĕk′wə-)
adj. Chemistry
Having an equal number of moles.
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Laboratories will benefit with (1) confidence in patient results through standardization to the gold standard 25(OH) Vitamin D Reference Measurement Procedure (RMP) from Ghent University; (2) accurate clinical assessment of vitamin D status provided by measurement of total 25(OH) vitamin D with equimolar measurement of 25(OH) vitamin D2 and 25(OH) vitamin D3; (3) excellent stability and reproducibility with greater storage convenience from an opaque reagent pack designed to prevent light-induced reagent degradation and (4) optimal productivity for both low and high-volume laboratories using the UniCel Dxl and Access 2 Immunoassay Systems.
We designed degenerate primers for nested PCR screening on the basis of a multiple sequence alignment of the NS1 gene from human BuV, WUHARV parvovirus and MpBuV as follows: BuV-F1 (position 190-215 in MpBuV genome, 5'-TCAAWRTMACCTGGAAAGACrACAGA-3') and BuV-R1 (position 1503 1534, 5'-TCATTGGTTGTCATKAYWACTGGAGTTGGTTC-3') for the first PCR round, and BuV-F2 (position 980-1006, containing an equimolar mixture of 5'-AGAAAAATGGATGCTCCAAGATCCAGA-3' and 5'-AGAAAAATGGATGCTTGGTGAWCCWGA-3') and BuV-R2 (position 1444 1465, 5'-ATTGCTTGGCCACTCATGATKG-3') for the second PCR round.
The equimolar synergy factors for the co-pyrolysis of oil shale and pine wood in supercritical water and their standard errors estimated as slopes of trendlines in Figure 2 are given in Table 5.
Both HMTBa and DL-Met, when supplemented on an equimolar basis, were equally effective, at 90 -- 110% of the required doses, in improving growth performance of broilers up to 38 days of age, irrespective of the dose level used.
To observe the phenomena of the key functionalities, the quantities of silanes used in this study are based on equimolar concentrations of alkoxy- or sulfur-functionalities with reference to a certain amount of TESPT.
To this suspension equimolar quantities (2x10 -3 mol) of an aldehyde and a chiral amine are added successively, while stirring.
In addition, daily administration of MK-7 resulted in a plasma vitamin K concentration 5 times higher than that achieved by daily administration of an equimolar amount of vitamin K1.
Equimolar amount of 2-(1-phenylethylidene)malononitrile (0.
The authors report that when all 11 pyrethroids were present at an equimolar mixing ratio, their actions on [Na.
Adding an equimolar quantity of bovine serum albumin in place of hemopexin did not inhibit hemoglobin-mediated lipid oxidation based on TBARS.
Calcium phosphate cement (CPC) (6), a mixture of equimolar amounts of tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP) and dicalcium phosphate anhydrous (DCPA), has the above attributes needed for use in endodontic treatment, as well as good adaptation to the dentin walls and the ability to set without shrinkage.
9) Cisplatin uptake was fivefold higher than oxaliplatin uptake when equimolar treatments were given intravenously.