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equipollence, equipollency

equality between two or more propositions, as when two propositions have the same meaning but are expressed differently. See also agreement.
See also: Logic
equalness of force, validity, etc. — equipollent, adj. See also logic.
See also: Strength and Weakness
equalness of force, validity, etc. See also logic. — equipollent, adj.
See also: Agreement
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We argue that equipollency is a very strong assumption because various resources cannot have the same damaging effects on environment.
But for now, a content has been established: the coincidence between the interior word and the tropes introduces the equipollency between poetry and human thought.
Wedde's conception is of a nation which by and large knows itself, as During suggests, within its own terms, and yet is increasingly confident in testing its equipollency with the 'knowingness' and 'centeredness' of other cultures.