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 (ē′kwə-pə-tĕn′shəl, ĕk′wə-)
1. Having equal potential.
2. Physics Having the same electric or gravitational potential at every point.


1. (General Physics) having the same electric potential or uniform electric potential
2. Also: equipotent equivalent in power or effect
(General Physics) an equipotential line or surface
ˌequipoˌtentiˈality n


(ˌi kwə pəˈtɛn ʃəl, ˌɛk wə-)

Physics. of the same or uniform potential at every point: an equipotential surface.
e`qui•po•ten`ti•al′i•ty, n.
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25; Lot 3 terminal equipotential EPS-2; Lot number 4 cartridge E-27 hanging, wall-mounted; Lot number 5 call with a button apartment; Lot 6 self-regulating heating cable ZOKSTM-2-7 for the construction objects "Residential quarter" Vesnushki "in the city of Kaluga (Russian Federation) microdistrict 6 house 33", "Residential building KPD on the street.
In kitchen, Bath, Wc, Renewal we distributor, Renewal general installation in kg, Upgrading equipotential bonding and earthing system, Building management system.
construction of the primary technology: - delivery, Set-up and commissioning (ibn) of control cabinets of the 110 kv cubicles 1-7 to be set up, - primary and secondary connection of the new 110 / 10kv transformers and neutral point generators provided by the client, - delivery, Installation and commissioning of the 10 kv switchgear, Including secondary equipment, - supply and construction of raised floors, - construction of a system for earthing and equipotential bonding.
39,000 m of cables and lines, Equipotential bonding in mixed installation, 3x1.
1 ns switch panel with 2 compact circuit breakers, bms connection with transfer distributor, fire protection housing of emergency power controllers with operator station and door, line systems / installation systems / fire protection / equipotential bonding in the construction sector, inventory documentation with additional brief operating instructions.
Emergency lighting with central battery system, ghv, 2 stand distribution boards, equipotential bonding (7 rails in total), 350 m cable tray, 120 m sill channel with approx.
It specialises in storage, distribution and dispensing equipment with an emphasis on quality control (colorimetric, gravimetric, SWD, etc), sampling and transport solutions, equipotential bonding, closed-circuit samplers, couplings plus deadman and additive injection systems.
In this case, the current distribution between the equipotential bond elements is determined by a system of linear algebraic equations (SLAE) [4]:
The simulation results for a) electric field lines in a screen with no touch, b) equipotential in a screen with no touch, c) the impact of touch in x=1, y=-4 on the electric field pattern and d) the impact of x=1, y=-4 on electric potential pattern
These include equipotential zone grounding systems, right-of-way access roads, and staging areas to support vegetation clearing, structure foundation construction, line stringing, maintenance and emergency/storm response initiatives.
H] is called the indirect effect on the geoid, and accounts for the change of equipotential surface after the terrain reduction is applied to [DELTA]g.