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1. Open to two or more interpretations and often intended to conceal the truth. See Synonyms at ambiguous.
2. Characterized by a mixture of opposing elements and therefore questionable or uncertain: Evidence of the drug's effectiveness has been equivocal.

[From Late Latin aequivocus : Latin aequi-, equi- + Latin vocāre, to call; see wekw- in Indo-European roots.]

e·quiv′o·cal′i·ty (-kăl′ĭ-tē), e·quiv′o·cal·ness n.
e·quiv′o·cal·ly adv.

equivocality, equivocacy

the state or quality of being ambiguous in meaning or capable of double interpretation. — equivocal, adj.
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the state or quality of being ambiguous in meaning or capable of double interpretation. — equivocal, adj.
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An expression or term liable to more than one interpretation:
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Building on Galbraith's research, Daft and Lengel aimed to show that organizations can be structured to provide information with suitable richness to reduce equivocality as well as uncertainty.
The equivocality of these lines indicates that, for Lanyer, the reading of one book is akin to the reading of the other.
One possible reason for the equivocality of past research on media-based interventions is that the counter-exemplar in question must be capable of overriding heavy news consumers' default tendency to generalize from chronically accessible exemplars derived from frequent news consumption.
A tentative exploration into the amount and equivocality of information processing in organizational work units.
Because of this equivocality, it took a transgressive, resistance narrative, as in the NOW photograph, to do battle in public space.
In the pathways of attempting to experience myself as "my own self," or as Yong Ting Jin puts it, as a "subject self in the experienced reality," (6) I find myself steeped in a cognizance of my ongoing fragmentation and equivocality.
The special equivocality of the Trump machine can be charted in the wildly varied reception of its buildings over the years: Martin Filler, writing in Art in America in 1983, savaged the company's first major monolith on Fifth Avenue as "a gaudy looming interloper"; Goldberger, meanwhile, regarded the interior, with its crowd-pleasing sprays of brass, as a "pleasant surprise.
Based on Weick's (1979) equivocality construct, macro-level uncertainty exists when it is difficult to even know the type of information that is needed, where data are unclear or suggest multiple interpretations of the environment (Daft & Weick, 1984).
Based on these comments from a vocal minority (approximately 12%), there is no equivocality in the resistance to the principles of employment equity.
Beyond managing uncertainty: insights from studying equivocality in the fuzzy front end of product and process innovation projects.
The question may then be posed whether such equivocality may be linked to the appropriateness of the theoretical framework in use; the lack of rigor in its use; or both.