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1. Capable of being erased: erasable ink.
2. Capable of producing something that can be erased: an erasable pen.

e·ras′a·bil′i·ty n.


the state of being erasable
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After assessment across key measures, including ink color, erasability, odor, tip durability and ink life, VBoard Master was preferred over competitor brands by 74 percent of participants.
The high gloss finish provides easy erasability, excellent chemical resistance and great adhesion at a fraction of the cost of purchasing dry erase boards or competitive dry erase paints.
SST's MTP devices provide the easy electrical erasability of flash and the cost-effectiveness of EPROM devices.
However, the price of erasability is noncompatibility, Because there is no single industry standard for MO disks, a disk made on one manufacturer's drive cannot be read on another make of drive.
This advancement in colored pencil erasability makes it easy for children to make changes to their masterpieces.
A twist on a twist -- Crayola Erasable Twistables(TM) offer older kids a coloring tool that's fun to use and delivers loads of color, with the convenience of erasability built right in.
He adds, "This part was challenging to redesign but we successfully partnered with a suitable wafer manufacturing facility that provided the necessary processes to support the parallel requirements for UV Erasability, Long Data Retention and Fast Access Times.
Both of these unique highlighters were designed to please moms, teachers and kids, who told us washability and erasability would make this popular study tool even better.
It also overcomes the difficulties in CD-RW re-writing to ensure sufficient erasability at high speeds, reduction of media noise during erase/rewrite cycles, and a long archival life.
SST's new high-speed MPF devices, like all members of the MPF family, are based on the core feature set of the MPF family -- a family that was created using a fine granularity architecture, small sector erasability and the simple CMOS-compatible manufacturing process of SST's SuperFlash technology.
Toshiba's new high-capacity dual layer disk employs Germanium-Tellurium-rich Germanium-Antimony-Tellurium-Bismuth (GeSbTeBi) alloy recording layers that support improved signal processing and erasability.