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tr.v. e·rased, e·ras·ing, e·ras·es
a. To remove (something written, for example) by rubbing, wiping, or scraping.
b. To remove (recorded material) from a magnetic tape or other storage medium: erased a file from the hard drive.
c. To remove recorded material from (a magnetic tape or disk, for example): erased the DVD.
2. To remove all traces of; eliminate or obliterate: had to erase all thoughts of failure from his mind.

[Latin ērādere, ērās-, to scratch out : ē-, ex-, ex- + rādere, to scrape; see rēd- in Indo-European roots.]
Synonyms: erase, expunge, delete, cancel
These verbs mean to remove or invalidate something, especially something stored, recorded, or written down. To erase is to wipe or rub out, literally or figuratively: erased the word from the blackboard; erased any hope of success.
Expunge implies thorough removal: a performance that expunged doubts about his ability.
To delete is to remove matter from a manuscript or data from a computer application: deleted expletives from the transcript; deleted the file with one keystroke.
Cancel refers to invalidating by or as if by drawing lines through something written: canceled the postage stamp; canceled the reservation.
References in classic literature ?
My last labour, as the evening approached, was to obtain "The Narrative of the Tombstone," by taking a copy of the false inscription on the grave before it was erased.
It was late in the day before the whole inscription was erased.
Between that earth and that sky I felt erased, blotted out.
So many years have since past, that you may have, perhaps, forgotten this circumstance: but your desires are to me in the nature of commands; and the impression of them is never to be erased from my memory.
There were many men in San Francisco against whom he had registered black marks, and now and again, with one of his lightning strokes, he erased such a mark.
He looked back, once, before he left the street; and looked upon a sight not easily to be erased, even from his remembrance, so long as he had life.
Leaving the name standing, and the date and length of the captivity, they had erased the description of the misdemeanor, and written in its place, in staring capitals, "FOR THEFT
At the moment when Planchet, according to his daily custom, with the back of his pen, erased another day, D'Artagnan kicked the door with his foot, and the blow made his steel spur jingle.
He erased it once more and then took himself out of temptation by driving the other boys together and joining them.
I observe among you some lines of an institution, which, in its original, might have been tolerable, but these half erased, and the rest wholly blurred and blotted by corruptions.
The dry erase coating has been tested with a variety of colors of standard dry erase markers and can be easily erased without any ghosting of the inks.
Kadriu is decisive that if the voters from this list are erased, it will be anti-constitutional.