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Cyrus, since it seems you are the guilty person, take the eraser and wipe that off the board.
But in extreme instances, the schoolyard game can be dangerous - especially if students share the erasers after they've broken skin with it.
CHARCOAL IS A WONDERFUL TOOL for going big and bold in an artwork, so we also discuss the freedom of not worrying about the fine details in the beginning, these will come in later with the use of gummy erasers, eraser pencils, white charcoal and blending stumps.
Swizco LLC, which makes scrubber sponges and stain erasers for household cleaning, offers a line of products designed to work with plain water rather than cleaning solutions, eliminating harsh chemicals from the process.
The State s consumer watchdog has raised concerns over the gumball eraser machine, and other erasers resembling food products being sold in South Australian stores and online.
The set includes six Gomu erasers, with collectable surprises in every pack.
Nate Matute paced the Erasers, who are on the verge of missing the quarterfinals at 2-5, with 19 points.
A MERSEYSIDE mum who has been collecting pencil erasers for over 25 years is hoping to break a world record.
Some American schoolteachers said the 1858 invention of pencils with attached erasers would encourage student carelessness.
In this second installment of the SF trilogy, the six young people are flying down the East Coast, searching for their parents, when one of them is badly hurt in a clash with Erasers and they're forced to lie low while he recovers.
Joglar works with ordinary office supplies--paper clips, rulers, protractors, pencils, erasers, colored paper, note cards, envelopes--that seem in his hands to magically turn into something else, something radically different.
Samples of consumer products that will be spotlighted at India Rubber Expo 2003 include footwear, balloons, gloves, mattresses, balls, rubber bands, erasers and more.