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A Chinese stringed instrument that is played with a bow and has two strings stretched from a small sound box along a long thin neck. Also called Chinese violin.

[Mandarin èrhú : èr, two (in reference to its two strings) (from Middle Chinese ri`, from Proto-Sino-Tibetan *g-nis; akin to Tibetan gnyis and Burmese hnac) + , peoples of Central Asia (in reference to the instrument's Central Asian origin) (from Middle Chinese xɦuə̆).]


a two-stringed Chinese musical instrument
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As the Sony Pictures logo fades to black, and the opening credits begin, we hear Yo-Yo Ma's solo cello play a plaintive Chinese melody, bending the notes in the style of the traditional Chinese two-stringed instrument, the erhu.
15am Peter Chan's epic film stars Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro as Pang Qin, Zhao Erhu and Jiang Wuyang whose lives become entangled during the bloody Taiping Rebellion in 1860s China.
To illustrate what he called "the inexhaustible" nature of women, Chen in this nine-movement piece puts in front of the orchestra five gorgeous young women in traditional Chinese brilliantly-colored, long, split gowns, with three of them playing Chinese instruments - erhu, pipa, and guzheng respectively (stringed instruments for bowing or plucking) - and two of them vocalists, Xiaduo Chen (Western operatic soprano) and Meng Meng (Chinese operatic soprano).
While not a professional musician, Xiao Zhenduo taught himself to play a number of different Western and Chinese instruments--yangqin, erhu (two-string fiddle), dizi (transverse flute), qin qin (four-string banjo-like lute), accordion, saxophone, and the bass drum employed in marching bands.
Unfortunately, Lian is married to bandit Zhao Erhu (Andy Lau), who is the scourge of the local area with his loyal sidekick Jiang Wuyang (Takeshi Kaneshiro).
Bringing a mixture of both Chinese and western classic and pop music, played on an electrical violin, an electrical cello, a flute, as well as an erhu, the traditional Chinese knee violin.
She has also persuaded a number of professional Chinese musicians from London to take part and they will perform a flute concerto, which will be accompanied by a couple of instrumentalists playing the two stringed erhu and the pipa, a traditional four-stringed lute.
Thirdly, my father was the principal for the erhu section in an excellent Chinese orchestra.
Performances by world-class artists include tenor Guimin Guan, who has been described as the Pavarotti of China, and Xiaochun Qi, known for playing the erhu, a traditional Chinese string instrument, to symphony audiences around the globe.
Most terms revised seem to be anglicised in pronunciation to some extent, even non-naturalized ones, such as erhu or dim sum.
Some fortunate children take piano lessons or are tutored in the erhu, a traditional one-stringed violin.