erogenous zone

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Noun1.erogenous zone - any area of the body especially sensitive to sexual stimulation
region, area - a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve; "in the abdominal region"
zona erògena
zona erógena
zone érogène
erogén zóna
erogeninė zona
zona erógena
zonă erogenă
erogena cona
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But he didn't know he needed a licence to sell sex aids, videos, magazines and lingerie from his new shop, The Erogenous Zone, just yards from Edinburgh's booming financial district.
With women, the brain is the biggest erogenous zone and sex therapists agree it's more important for women to talk about sex than men.
YES, I agree the brain is the strongest erogenous zone we have and the heart comes a close second.
For number crunchers like us, that's the erogenous zone.
Sex experts the world over will tell you that the most sensitive and responsive erogenous zone of a person's body is the brain.
Dear reader, FROM toe sucking to foot fetishes, feet are a common erogenous zone.
For more information and to download the exclusive erogenous zone his and her Love Maps simply visit http://www.
HOW convenient to learn that the ankle is the new erogenous zone, now that the rag trade fancies flogging us winter trousers somewhat shorter than those sold last year.
Additional fantasy elements are provided in the form of detachable ankle straps, which emphasise this season's erogenous zone - the ankle.
The belly button can be an erogenous zone for both men and women - but women tend to be more aware of their hot spots.
Besides it's doubtful if even those who live there have ever thought of Oban as an erogenous zone.
But in Japan, the neck is considered an erogenous zone, and women are advised to wear high-necked blouses or a scarf.