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Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire.

[Greek erōtikos, from erōs, erōt-, sexual love.]

e·rot′ic n.
e·rot′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.erotically - in an erotic manner


adverotisch; erotically chargederotisch geladen


[ɪˈrɒtɪklɪ] adveroticamente
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Judge Patrick Eccles heard that the images on Cule's computer ranged from level one, featuring children posing naked and erotically, to a handful of level four images - which showed children being abused by adults
Intolerable Cruelty (12A) Catherine Zeta-Jones and George Clooney play a wily gold-digger and a divorce lawyer in the Coen brothers' stylish and erotically charged thriller.
That Giacometti explored this axis (in Woman with Her Throat Cut, No More Play, and the erotically charged Project for a Passageway) puts him more in touch with the radical sculpture of the '70s (think of Smithson, Serra, Andre, Morris) than the constructivist work of the late '60s (Caro, here).
London, July 16 (ANI): Colombian singer Shakira will be seen grooving erotically as she strips down to nothing for her latest song 'She Wolf'.
A New York premiere, Temptation, allowed the musically nimble Giobbi to wrap herself erotically around her partner, Timothy Harling, who was costumed as a writhing serpent and suspended upside down ten feet above the stage floor.
While she gets in on some of the action - a little cliffhanging, a ridiculous but nonetheless erotically turbo-charged car race down a curvy road - Newton's main assignment is to provide the abstract demolition derby with something resembling heart and feeling.
Achy Obejas's new novel, Days of Awe, is a soulful, erotically charged, and densely woven meditation on public and private identity.
However, their scenes together are erotically charged and are the few moments of tenderness and mutual attraction.
Things start promisingly with pairs of erotically entwined lovers feeding one another in semi dar kness, teasing, luring and tempting with the promise of food.
Dealing with issues of sex, manipulation, prostitution, lesbianism and assisted suicide, and featuring scenes of partial nudity, the performance is erotically charged throughout and achingly intense.
3From Dusk Til Dawn - Salma Hayek dancing erotically with a snake.
Those irascible Coen brothers, the twisted geniuses responsible for Fargo and The Big Lebowski, put their own distinctive spin on this Double Indemnity-esque thriller about an erotically charged battle of the sexes.