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tr.v. er·o·tized, er·o·tiz·ing, er·o·tiz·es
To imbue with erotic feeling or import.


(ˈɛrəˌtaɪz) or


vb (tr)
to transform into erotic feeling
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they like violence; it erotizes violence and then fuels sexual violence; it holds and [sic] addictive and fatal attraction for many men and teenage boys, it invades their thoughts and manipulates their behavior .
Encouraging the view of Mary's "radical" communism as faddish, the newsreel erotizes her turn away from capitalism as a "spurning [of] the boys of La Salle Street and the Gold Coast" and capped by a close-up of "the smiling girl kissing the man" (32), who the reader later learns is Erlone, the text's literal red herring (158).
Yet it also reveals how these cultural practices are somewhat contested by the powerful practices of the media, whose (mis)representation of Baianidade often erotizes and objectifies Afro-Brazilian women and ignores the intricate skills involved in the preparation of Comida de Santo (holy food).