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1. Having no fixed or regular course; wandering: the erratic flight of a moth.
2. Lacking consistency, regularity, or uniformity: an erratic heartbeat.
3. Deviating from the customary course in conduct or opinion; eccentric: erratic behavior.
n. Geology
A rock fragment that has been transported by ice to a location other than its place of origin and that may range in size from a pebble to a large boulder.

[Middle English erratik, from Old French erratique, from Latin errāticus, from errāre, to wander; see ers- in Indo-European roots.]

er·rat′i·cal·ly adv.
er·rat′i·cism (-ĭ-sĭz′əm) n.


the action or tendency to be erratic


an action or behavior that deviates from the norm; unpredictability in behavior.
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Abdullatif Al-Shehri, Takatof volunteer team leader, said: "Volunteering in the Kingdom is characterized by erraticism and disorganization due to the absence of controls and regulations, causing irregularities and disastrous results occasionally.
By demanding absolute consistency of conduct, Mardonius cannot help but read Arbaces's behavior as erratic, and to read such erraticism as a self-destructive flaw of character.
Abu Musa also highlighted the high percentage of Lebanese expatriates working in the Gulf, Europe and Africa, arguing that the separation has pushed some couples to freeze sperm or undergo insemination or IVF due to the impossibility or erraticism of sex while the husband is away.