erroneous belief

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Noun1.erroneous belief - a misconception resulting from incorrect information
misconception - an incorrect conception
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erroneous belief that one thing is better than another.
If, however, a plaintiffs claim is not one for health care liability, or if the trial court dismisses a plaintiffs claim on the erroneous belief that the plaintiff failed to file (or filed an inadequate) medical expert's report, then a court will likely find that the trial court abused its discretion and reverse a judgment of dismissal.
First, until recently, the majority of general population or school-based HIV/AIDS education initiatives have proceeded from the erroneous belief that all of those who educators are trying to reach are HIV-negative.
A common reason for non-compliance to osteoporosis prevention is the erroneous belief that osteoporosis is not serious.
Despite Brooke's Report that the fire had not been caused by 'wicked agents, Papists or Frenchmen' there still arose in time the erroneous belief that the fire had been started by 'Papists', a view perpetuated in The Monument which commemorates London's greatest tragedy before the bombs of the Second World War and the work of modern architects.
In those days the common but erroneous belief was that Petra was the ancient capital of the land of Edom, chastised in the Bible for denying shelter to the Jews on their flight from Egypt.
The erroneous belief, suggested by Aubrey Land, that the Tuesday Club was made up of bachelors, does not hold up to scrutiny.
To a certain extent, it is an erroneous belief, which needs to be eliminated.
Once an erroneous belief is set in someone's mind through rumor and misunderstanding, it is very difficult to dislodge--even with the facts.
In the case of her readers, such failure is more likely the result of the erroneous belief that they have been saved already.
To say that human consciousness and its intercourse with the material environment is the dynamic force of human history sounds antimaterialist only because Marx's own complex theorization of dialectical materialism has been ignored in favor of the profoundly erroneous belief that matter has a life of its own and that human consciousness is irrelevant to the course of human history.
You may not engage in any practice or use any advertisement at any office of, or on behalf of, the bank or a subsidiary of the bank that could mislead any person or otherwise cause a reasonable person to reach an erroneous belief with respect to: