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er·ror  (rr)
1. An act, assertion, or belief that unintentionally deviates from what is correct, right, or true.
2. The condition of having incorrect or false knowledge.
3. The act or an instance of deviating from an accepted code of behavior.
4. A mistake.
5. Mathematics The difference between a computed or measured value and a true or theoretically correct value.
6. Abbr. E Baseball A defensive fielding or throwing misplay by a player when a play normally should have resulted in an out or prevented an advance by a base runner.

[Middle English errour, from Old French, from Latin error, from errre, to err; see ers- in Indo-European roots.]

error·less adj.

error (ˈɛrə)
1. a mistake or inaccuracy, as in action or speech: a typing error.
2. an incorrect belief or wrong judgment
3. the condition of deviating from accuracy or correctness, as in belief, action, or speech: he was in error about the train times.
4. deviation from a moral standard; wrongdoing: he saw the error of his ways.
5. (Statistics) maths statistics a measure of the difference between some quantity and an approximation to or estimate of it, often expressed as a percentage: an error of 5%.
6. (Statistics) statistics See type I error, type II error
[C13: from Latin, from errāre to err]
ˌerror-ˈfree adj
er•ror (ˈɛr ər)

1. a deviation from accuracy or correctness; mistake.
2. the holding of mistaken opinions.
3. the condition of believing what is not true: I was in error about the date.
4. a moral offense.
5. a baseball misplay allowing a batter to reach base or a runner to advance.
6. the difference between the observed or approximately determined value and the true value of a quantity in mathematics or statistics.
7. Law. a mistake in a matter of fact or law in a case tried in a court of record.
8. a postage stamp distinguished by an imperfection, as in design.
[1250–1300; Middle English errour < Latin error <err(āre) to wander, err]
er′ror•less, adj.
er′ror•less•ly, adv.
syn: See mistake.


An error is a mistake.

The doctor committed an appalling error of judgement.
...errors in grammar.

You can say that something is done in error. This is a fairly formal use.

They had arrested him in error.
Another village had been wiped out in error.

In conversation, you usually say that something is done by mistake.

I opened the door into the library by mistake.
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Noun1.error - a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattentionerror - a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention; "he made a bad mistake"; "she was quick to point out my errors"; "I could understand his English in spite of his grammatical faults"
nonaccomplishment, nonachievement - an act that does not achieve its intended goal
blot, smirch, smear, stain, spot - an act that brings discredit to the person who does it; "he made a huge blot on his copybook"
mix-up, confusion - a mistake that results from taking one thing to be another; "he changed his name in order to avoid confusion with the notorious outlaw"
incursion - the mistake of incurring liability or blame
miscalculation, misestimation, misreckoning - a mistake in calculating
distortion - the mistake of misrepresenting the facts
parapraxis, slip-up, miscue, slip - a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.
offside - (sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.)
lapse, oversight - a mistake resulting from inattention
omission, skip - a mistake resulting from neglect
blooper, blunder, boner, boo-boo, botch, bungle, flub, foul-up, fuckup, pratfall, bloomer - an embarrassing mistake
balls-up, ballup, cockup, mess-up - something badly botched or muddled
renege, revoke - the mistake of not following suit when able to do so
2.error - inadvertent incorrectness
incorrectness, wrongness - the quality of not conforming to fact or truth
deviation - the error of a compass due to local magnetic disturbances
3.error - a misconception resulting from incorrect information
misconception - an incorrect conception
4.error - (baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficederror - (baseball) a failure of a defensive player to make an out when normal play would have sufficed
failure - an act that fails; "his failure to pass the test"
baseball, baseball game - a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs; "he played baseball in high school"; "there was a baseball game on every empty lot"; "there was a desire for National League ball in the area"; "play ball!"
5.error - departure from what is ethically acceptable
evilness, evil - the quality of being morally wrong in principle or practice; "attempts to explain the origin of evil in the world"
6.error - (computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computererror - (computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer
computer science, computing - the branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent - an event that happens
hardware error - error resulting from a malfunction of some physical component of the computer
programming error, software error - error resulting from bad code in some program involved in producing the erroneous result
algorithm error - error resulting from the choice of the wrong algorithm or method for achieving the intended result
7.error - part of a statement that is not correct; "the book was full of errors"
misstatement - a statement that contains a mistake
corrigendum - a printer's error; to be corrected
erratum, literal, literal error, misprint, typo, typographical error - a mistake in printed matter resulting from mechanical failures of some kind

noun mistake, slip, fault, blunder, flaw, boob (Brit. slang), delusion, oversight, misconception, fallacy, inaccuracy, howler (informal), bloomer (Brit. informal), boner (slang), miscalculation, misapprehension, solecism, erratum NASA discovered a mathematical error in its calculations.
in error accidentally, casually, unexpectedly, incidentally, by accident, by chance, inadvertently, unwittingly, randomly, unconsciously, by mistake, unintentionally, haphazardly, fortuitously, undesignedly The plane was shot down in error by a NATO missile.
"Truth lies within a little and certain compass, but error is immense" [Henry St. John, 1st Viscount Bolingbroke Reflections upon Exile]
error [ˈerəʳ]
A. Nerror m, equivocación f
errors and omissions exceptedsalvo error u omisión
by errorpor error, por equivocación
to be in errorestar equivocado
human errorerror m humano
spelling errorfalta f de ortografía
typing errorerror m de mecanografía
to see the error of one's waysreconocer su error
B. CPD error message N (Comput) → mensaje m de error

error [ˈɛrər] nerreur f
to make an error → faire une erreur, commettre une erreur
to see the error of one's ways → revenir de ses erreurs
in error → par erreur, par méprise
errors and omissions excepted → sauf erreur ou omission typing error, spelling error, mathematical error, error of judgement
error message nmessage m d'erreur
error of judgement nerreur f de jugement

(= mistake)Fehler m; error in calculationRechenfehler m; compass error(magnetische) Abweichung; errors and omissions excepted (Comm) → Irrtum vorbehalten; a pilot errorein Fehler mdes Piloten; the error ratedie Fehlerquote, die Fehlerrate; error in fact (Jur) → Tatsachenirrtum m; error in form (Jur) → Formfehler m; error in law (Jur) → Rechtsirrtum m ? margin
(= wrongness)Irrtum m; to be in errorim Irrtum sein, sich im Irrtum befinden; in error (= wrongly, accidentally)irrtümlicherweise; to see the error of one’s waysseine Fehler einsehen

error [ˈɛrəʳ] nerrore m
typing/spelling error → errore di battitura/di ortografia
in error → per errore
to see the error of one's ways → riconoscere i propri errori

error (ˈerə)
1. noun a mistake. His written work is full of errors.
2. the state of being mistaken. I did it in error.

error غَلْطَة chyba fejl Fehler σφάλμα error virhe erreur greška errore 間違い 오류 fout feil błąd erro ошибка fel ข้อผิดพลาด yanlış lỗi 错误

n.  error, falta, equivocación.

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And that is why I can triumph over your error and your merely animal intelligence, Frederic Larsan.
The error which limits republican government to a narrow district has been unfolded and refuted in preceding papers.
Hence, the error, as it appears, of all poets who have composed a Heracleid, a Theseid, or other poems of the kind.
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