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Adj.1.error-prone - capable of making an error; "all men are error-prone"
fallible - likely to fail or make errors; "everyone is fallible to some degree"
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PARKVILLE, VIC, Australia, January 26, 2017 -- The stem cells that proliferate the most in response to damage caused by cigarette smoke repair their DNA using an error-prone process that sets the stage for lung cancer, according to an Australian study.
Summary: Caroline Wozniacki has cleared one of the major hurdles in her bid to win the US Open after easing past an error-prone Maria Sharapova.
However, I found this to be much slower and more error-prone than actually using a real calculator and a ViewScreen.
The purpose of the scientific method is to examine the influence of error on conclusions and using it by testing the null hypothesis behind a medical malpractice case should expose the error-prone opinion of some medical experts.
As a former CFO, I am all too familiar with the limitations of spreadsheets--the fact that they are error-prone, time-consuming to manage and consolidate and don't easily adapt to a company's changing business needs," said Robert S.
By providing access to the specific drivers, settings, and files that prevent a Windows machine from booting, this product suite can be used to repair a system in minutes, thereby avoiding the extended downtime and data loss often associated with prolonged and error-prone reinstallation tasks.
CompuLaw's trusted calendar/docket software enables attorneys to automatically schedule critical dates in accordance with court rules, greatly reducing the possibility of missing deadlines through error-prone and time-consuming manual docket calculations.
One study conducted jointly by the California and Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (Caltech and MIT) found the new touch screen machines to be more error-prone than the notorious punch card machines of Election 2000 fame.
7 election because several counties, including Los Angeles, plan to use punch-card voting machines that are said to be error-prone.
Other error-prone sites included the Office of National Statistics, the Department of Health, and the Department of Trade & Industry, which has more than 2,700 broken links on the site alone--an "unacceptable error level,' according to the report.
DAM virtual disk assignments also do not require expensive, error-prone hardware reconfigurations, while minimizing fragmentation issues with up to 90 percent utilization of storage assets.
In the past few years, theorists have proposed that quantum computers could surmount their error-prone nature by continually fixing errors as they crop up (SN: 2/21/98, p.

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