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intr.v. e·rupt·ed, e·rupt·ing, e·rupts
a. To throw or force something out violently, as lava, ash, and gases: The volcano erupted.
b. To be thrown or forced out: Water erupted from the geyser.
2. To develop suddenly: Violence erupted during the protests.
3. To express oneself suddenly and loudly: He erupted in anger.
a. To break through the gums in developing. Used of teeth.
b. To appear on the skin. Used of a rash or blemish.

[Latin ērumpere, ērupt- : ē-, ex-, ex- + rumpere, to break; see reup- in Indo-European roots.]

e·rup′tive adj.
e·rup′tive·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
His garden became a perfect crater, erupting vegetables.
While geologists say Yellowstone will likely never erupt again, scientists around the world use Ash3d daily to predict the potential fallout from restless volcanoes--including Bardarbunga, the Icelandic volcano that began erupting in late August.
The victims were found near the peak of the 10,062-foot mountain and appear to have been knocked unconscious by debris erupting from the volcano, or were overcome by the dense ash or toxic fumes.
50 pm and is still erupting at the moment," said Sutopo Nugoroho, a spokesman for the National Disaster Management Agency.
Mount Sinabung has been erupting on and off since September, but went into overdrive late Saturday and early Sunday, repeatedly spewing out red-hot ash and rocks up to eight kilometres (five miles) into the air.
The 2,400-metre high volcano was dormant for nearly 100 years before erupting in August and September 2010, forcing about 12,000 people to flee.
Some volcanoes go hundreds of years without erupting.
Summary: An erupting volcano on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula has attracted widespread interest from volcanologists who flocking to the area.
It has been a frequent site of activity since 2008, after erupting in June 2006 for the first time in 58 years.
Kilauea, in Hawaii, for example has been erupting quietly for 28 years.
Blasts from the volcano have killed at least 92 people in total since first erupting on October 26.
Respected geologists have long held the best way to prevent a volcano erupting is to sacrifice a virgin to it but where do you find one of those these days?