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(Chemistry) chem erythorbic acid; a food additive used as an antioxidant


(ˌɛr əˈθɔr beɪt)

a salt of erythorbic acid.
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Department of Agriculture has required bacon to contain either sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) or its chemical cousin sodium erythorbate, and many other meats with added nitrites have done the same.
The following ingredients were used for the preparation of Italian salami: pork (boneless ham), beef (chuck) and back fat (swine back pat), salt (NaCl) (Diana, Curitiba, Parana State, Brazil), sucrose (granulated sugar) curing salt (Doremus Cura K001, Guarulhos, Sao Paulo State, Brazil), white pepper, powdered garlic, and nutmeg (local market), sodium erythorbate (Doremus New Color F014, Guarulhos, Sao Paulo State, Brazil).
Their efforts revealed that malic acid, citric acid and a combination of sodium acid sulfate, citric acid and sodium erythorbate are better acidulants for inhibiting color change as well as the growth of spoilage bacteria, yeast and mold than is sodium acid pyrophosphate, the industry standard.
Artificial preservatives include sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite, sodium benzoate, calcium sorbate, potassium sorbate, calcium propionate, BHA, BHT, and EDTA.
Since the directives in 1978, ascorbate (vitamin C) or its close relative, erythorbate, are added to reduce the amount of nitrite in processed meat used in hot dogs.
Antioxidant Products: Ascorbic acid, ascorbyl palmitate, BHA, BHT, calcium ascorbate, erythorbic acid, ethoxyquin, sodium ascorbate, sodium erythorbate
Salt Sea salt Garlic salt Onion salt Seasoned salt Celery salt Baking powder Baking soda Sodium bicarbonate Monosodium glutamate Sodium fluoride Sodium acid pyrophosphate Sodium aluminum phosphate Sodium meta bisulfite Calcium disodium EDTA Disodium guanylate Disodium inosinate Sodium biphenyl-2-yl oxide Sodium formate Sodium acetate Sodium diacetate Sodium ascorbate Sodium erythorbate Sodium tartarates Sodium potassium tartarates Sodium orthophosphates Sodium maleate Sodium alginate Sodium & potassium polyphosphates Sodium carboxymethylcellulose Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate Sodium carbonate Sodium aluminum phosphate Sodium aluminum silicate Sodium citrate Sodium sulfite Sodium caseinate Sodium benzoate Sodium sorbate Sodium nitrate Sodium nitrite Sodium bisulfite
The company, also reports that Eribate Sodium Erythorbate can help maintain the flavor and color of beverages.
PMP is also highlighting Eribate Sodium Erythorbate, which helps maintain the freshness of products such as bagged fresh green salads, deli salads, and seafood salads.
for a food preservative called sodium erythorbate, and to allocate customers and territories for a flavoring agent called maltol.