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v. es·caped, es·cap·ing, es·capes
1. To break loose from confinement; get free: escape from jail.
2. To issue from confinement or enclosure; leak or seep out: Gas was escaping from the vent.
3. To avoid a serious or unwanted outcome: escaped from the accident with their lives.
4. Biology To become established in the wild. Used of a plant or animal.
5. Computers To interrupt a command, exit a program, or change levels within a program by using a key, combination of keys, or key sequence.
1. To succeed in avoiding: The thief escaped punishment.
2. To break loose from; get free of: The spacecraft escaped Earth's gravitational field.
3. To be outside the memory or understanding of; fail to be remembered or understood by: Her name escapes me. The book's significance escaped him.
4. To issue involuntarily from: A sigh escaped my lips.
1. The act or an instance of escaping.
2. A means of escaping.
3. A means of obtaining temporary freedom from worry, care, or unpleasantness: Television is my escape from worry.
4. A gradual effusion from an enclosure; a leakage.
5. Biology A cultivated plant or a domesticated or confined animal that has become established in the wild.
6. Computers A key used especially to interrupt a command, exit a program, or change levels within a program.

[Middle English escapen, from Old North French escaper, from Vulgar Latin *excappāre, to get out of one's cape, get away : Latin ex-, ex- + Medieval Latin cappa, cloak.]

es·cap′a·ble adj.
es·cap′er n.
Usage Note: The pronunciation (ĭk-skāp′) is often viewed by many as incorrect and is probably a result of confusion with words beginning with the prefix ex-. The word is properly pronounced without the (k) sound between the short i and the (sk) sound: (ĭ-skāp′).


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with government money--it has not become any more escapable.
On the other hand, threatening scenarios that were escapable, ambiguous or had a hiding place available" were less likely to provoke attacking or screaming.
Digestibility is directly proportional to the digestible fraction of fiber and rate of fiber digestion, but it is inversely related to the rate of release of particles from the nonescapable to escapable fiber pool and the rate of escape.
The choice is between "troubling recognitions" that are escapable (we can live with them) and those that are inescapable.
You never know what you're escapable of if you don't try.
Surely that makes the cooperation among these directly engaged riparian countries as well as the rest of the Nile Basin Countries an non escapable necessity.
For Althusser, ideology is an escapable realm in which subjects are called into being or "hailed," a process he called interpellation (127-35).
There are, however, additional, less easily escapable criticisms of the fair innings view.
The relevant functionings can vary from such elementary things as being adequately nourished, being in good health, avoiding escapable morbidity, and premature mortality, etc.
If the slum life in In Darkest London is displayed as something abhorrent that, on the surface, seems only escapable through death, it then begs the question, what does Harkness offer as a solution?
Often it was agonizing, unbearable, and, she hoped, escapable.
The first presents the Victorian Underground as an abstract space of circulation and alienation escapable only through recourse to the exotic potential of advertising and the possibilities that the system offered for individual freedom.