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A variety of endive (Cichorium endivia var. latifolia) having relatively broad, mildly bitter leaves.

[French, from Old French scariole, from Late Latin ēscāriola, chicory, from Latin ēscārius, of food, from ēsca, food, from edere, ēs-, to eat; see ed- in Indo-European roots.]


(Cookery) US and Canadian a variety of endive with broad leaves, used in salads
[C20: French from Italian scar(i)ola, from Latin esca food]


(ˈɛs kəˌroʊl)

a broad-leaved form of Cichorium endivia, used in salads. Compare endive (def. 1).
[1895–1900; < French < Italian scar(i)ola < Late Latin ēscāriola chicory < Latin ēscāri(us) fit for eating (ēsc(a) food]
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Noun1.escarole - variety of endive having leaves with irregular frilled edges
salad green, salad greens - greens suitable for eating uncooked as in salads
Belgian endive, French endive, witloof - young broad-leaved endive plant deprived of light to form a narrow whitish head
Cichorium endivia, endive, witloof - widely cultivated herb with leaves valued as salad green; either curly serrated leaves or broad flat ones that are usually blanched
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50), a dish of thick medallions of moist roasted pork loin wrapped in crackling and paired with white beans and escarole plus a piqTuant green sauce.
The Italians also add escarole to soup for a fresh shot of green.
Il Fornaio will, therefore, feature a Neapolitan folded pizza stuffed with escarole, pine nuts, kalamata olives, garlic and raisins ($8.
The simplest way to make those odds and ends into a satisfying last-minute dinner is to toss them with a healthy dose of escarole or other greens and some flavorful Italian sausage, and bake.
One of his best versions has been an escarole and wild mushroom recipe ($5), an impressively hearty start to any meal.
In the Mediterranean region, mesclun is best known as a mix of tasty young lettuces and piquant greens (arugula, chervil, and endive in France; chicory, curly endive, and escarole in Italy).
Sandwich-style creations can run the gamut - from Muffulettas and Super Submarines to Focaccia alla Scarola (Focaccia Dough with capers, pine nuts, escarole, olives and raisins) and Panino Rustico (with a chicken breast salad mixture with balsamic vinegar, pine nuts, raisins and Dijon mustard).
NOTES: If escarole is unavailable, use another salad green, such as arugula, endive, or lettuce.
Includes Avgolemono, Matzo Ball, Escarole, Sun-dried Tomato and Basmati Rice Chicken Soup, Corn and Chicken Dumpling, Wonton, Minestrone and Smoked Chicken, Sausage and Chicken Gumbo, and more.
Mild to full-flavored, depending on the makeup of the mix; may contain bok choy, kale, escarole, beet greens, and multiple colors of Swiss chard.
Remove from heat and stir in sausage mixture, escarole, salt, white pepper and 1/4 cup cheese.