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the areas of a shield
A. dexter chief
B. center chief
C. sinister chief
D. dexter flank
E. fess point
F. sinister flank
G. dexter base
H. center base
I. sinister base


1. Heraldry A shield or shield-shaped emblem bearing a coat of arms.
2. An ornamental or protective plate, as for a keyhole.
3. Nautical The plate on the stern of a ship inscribed with the ship's name.
a blot on (one's) escutcheon
Dishonor to one's reputation.

[Middle English escochon, from Anglo-Norman escuchon, from Vulgar Latin *scūtiō, scūtiōn-, from Latin scūtum, shield; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]

es·cutch′eoned adj.
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Lead-perforated fuselage, escutcheoned wings Lift agonized quittance, tilting from the invisible brink Now eagle-bright, now quarry-hid, twisting,- -sink with Enormous repercussive list- -ings down Giddily spiralled gauntlets, upturned, unlooping In guerrilla sleights, trapped in combustion gyring, dance the curled depth down whizzing Zodiacs, dashed (now nearing fast the Cape
The new 20- and 45-piece mirror polish sets feature etched, honeycombed, and escutcheoned designs, among others.
Bringing together a motley throng of vigorously alive characters in a 19th-century London of pea-souper fogs and flaring gaslights, escutcheoned carriages in the West End and child-felons in the slums of seven dials, Jack Maggs is the most Dickensian novel Dickens never wrote.