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Noun1.esophagoscope - an optical instrument for examining the inside of the esophagus
optical instrument - an instrument designed to aid vision
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However, anastomosis with severe stenosis was subsequently confirmed using an esophagoscope and esophageal radiography (Figure 2).
Under general anesthesia, rigid esophagoscope was inserted and glass piece was seen in postcricoid region.
Esophageal foreign bodies: an experience with rigid esophagoscope Gomal J Med Sci Jul - Dec 2010; 8(2): 218-20.
In our experience, we found it to be more convenient and efficient as compared to the conventional esophagoscope.
The esophagoscope was arrested at 30cm from the upper incisor and no denture was seen.
We are now using synthetic fiber-optics in five new endoscopes--a fibersigmoidoscope, gastroscope, bronchoscope, esophagoscope, and a laryngoscope.
esophagoscope, which has a single-use, disposable sheath.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Fibre Optic Light Carrier,Fiber optic Light Carrier for use with Esophagoscopes,Optical Coin Forceps for Paediatric Broncho Esophagoscopes,Fiber Optic Light Carrier,ROBERTS JESBERG Oval Operating Esophagoscope Etc.
A transnasal esophagoscope is passed through the most patent naris into the hypopharynx and pharyngoesophageal segment.
1) The flexible esophagoscope has only limited applicability for removal of upper esophageal foreign bodies, but it is superior to rigid esophagoscopy for circumferential visualization of the esophageal mucosa.
Approximately 3 to 4 mm is required for a nasopharyngoscope and slightly more than 5 mm for a transnasal esophagoscope.