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Finally, perform a binocular vision assessment that will identify children with esophoria at near, accommodation lag of at least +1.
All the cases were either diagnosed as esotropia without optical correction or diagnosed as esotropia, esophoria, microtropia, or eccentric fixation; they all received proper optical corrections.
As the main purpose of surgery is to obtain stable binocular vision, well-compensated orthophoria or exo or esophoria is considered as a surgical success.
between 2 esophoria and 3 exophoria, Figure 4(a)) and near (i.
On orthoptic examination, 27% patients had exophoria for near convergence, 50% had convergence insufficiency or decreased convergence amplitude, and 23% had esophoria [Table 10].
Successful outcome was defined as alignment [less than or equal to] 10 prism diopters (PD) esophoria or exophoria at the last follow-up visit.
If the visual axes are convergent, the bias is described as esophoria, and if divergent, exophoria.
It is also useful with latent hypermetropic esophores, and for young myopes within near esophoria who might progress faster or benefit from a near add or multifocal.
62), which ranged from 14 exophoria to 1 esophoria in the group.
With spectacles: small esophoria with good recovery
In addition, the current study also found abnormally high esophoria in 3 of the 21 subjects with mTBI (15%).
Five exhibited esophoria, while two exhibited exophoria of greater than 6 PDs.