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pl.n. (used with a sing. or pl. verb)
Esoteric matters or items.

[Greek esōterika, from neuter pl. of esōterikos, esoteric; see esoteric.]


pl n
esoteric items


(ˌɛs əˈtɛr ɪ kə)
esoteric facts or matters.
[1925–30; < New Latin, n. use of neuter pl. of Greek esōterikós esoteric]


a collection of items of a special, rare, novel, or unusual quality.
See also: Novelty
a collection of items of special, rare, or unusual interest, often pornographic.
See also: Collections and Collecting
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Noun1.esoterica - secrets known only to an initiated minority
arcanum, secret - information known only to a special group; "the secret of Cajun cooking"
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Thirty years ago, we released the original version of LabVIEW, designed to help engineers automate their measurement systems without having to learn the esoterica of traditional programming languages," said Jeff Kodosky, NI cofounder and business and technology fellow, known as the Father of LabVIEW.
With his death this week at age 78, the world indeed lost one of its finest chroniclers; a master weaver of cogent narratives composed of numerous small lives and esoterica enveloping larger-than-life figures and epochs.
It grew out of Ebenstein's private collection of over 2,000 books on death rituals, the human body and esoterica.
8220;Catwalk at the Stone” will feature summer styles and accessories by Maven, formally called Chiffoniers, hair by Esoterica Salon & Lounge, makeup by Lisa's Beauty Box, and airbrush spray tanning by Vanity Room.
Perhaps the main thing Esoterica has going for him is a terrific record over 7f and 1m at the course, his form figures reading 04423120110, and it could be significant that Goldie has resisted the urge to run the horse at the track this season, possibly in the hope that it really fires him up for this.
Readers not adept in motorcycle esoterica will quickly loose their way.
ROCKAVON (of the Sunday Mail) Today's nap: ESOTERICA (7.
A specialist on esoterica, Levenda looks at ascent literature, a corpus of texts and liturgies that describe how human beings can ascend from the earth to the heavens and come before the Throne of God.
Stepping back up to a mile should see him go mighty close and I rate Jim Goldie's pair Wind Shuffle and Esoterica as his main dangers.
28m, to the Elliott 16m schooner COCORIN interland and cruising boats, Ingenue a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 and Esoterica, the Martz 46, took part.
His treble came on Esoterica, Ingleby Princess and Carnivore, who were all trained by David Barron.
1 Radical queer performance art at Esoterica Chicago's 45 Minutes in Heaven 2 Emily Savard, Koko Whitelaw and Meg Bradley from Everything Good at the film's release party in Boston 3 Roll Bounce star Jurnee Smollett (left) and AIDS activist Hydeia Broadbent at the Ryan White Youth Conference on HIV and AIDS in Philadelphia last February 4 From left: Erin Daniels, Katherine Moennig and Alexandra Hedison of Showtime's The L Word work the red carpet at the 5th Annual General Motors TEN fashion show in Hollywood last February 5 The lovely barmaids of Pearl's Rainbow, a women's resort and guest house, in Key West, Fla.