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Noun1.essential condition - a prerequisite
prerequisite, requirement - something that is required in advance; "Latin was a prerequisite for admission"
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This was an essential condition to the success of the enterprise, and continued actively to engage the public attention.
He seemed too effective, too necessary there, too much of an essential condition for the existence of his land and his people, to be destroyed by anything short of an earthquake.
The essential condition for the existence, and for the sway of the bourgeois class, is the formation and augmentation of capital; the condition for capital is wage-labour.
The events were comparatively small, but the essential condition was there-- namely, that they were in favor of his own ends.
All this while the new creature had been sucking in and exhaling the vapory fragrance of his pipe, and seemed now to continue this occupation as much for the enjoyment it afforded as because it was an essential condition of his existence.
They are an essential condition for women's autonomy and emancipation, as well as the fight against discrimination related to gender and sexual orientation.
A free and fair election is an essential condition for a healthy democracy and the country will have an opportunity to demonstrate that progressively better election processes are possible.
We look forward to working closely with UNICEF to achieve these ambitious targets and hope that the programmatic activities of UNICEF will be implemented by the guiding principle of ensuring their alignment with our national priorities at the country level, which is an essential condition for its success,' Ambassador Lodhi added.
The party president Kem Sokha is the CNRP president now and will be in the future," one of his deputies, Mu Sochua, said outside the prison, adding that his release was an essential condition to allow a free and fair election.
He cites the paradigm of human rights and dignity as a fundamental value in the twentieth century, which is recognized as an essential condition for social economics, and goes a long way in the social science discourse in India.
The meeting noted the intensification of regional and international cooperation in transport sector is an essential condition for global sustainable development.
She said that national consensus is an essential condition for a successful dialogue.

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