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tr.v. es·tab·lished, es·tab·lish·ing, es·tab·lish·es
a. To cause (an institution, for example) to come into existence or begin operating; found; set up.
b. To bring about; generate or effect: establish goodwill in the neighborhood.
a. To place or settle in a secure position or condition: They established me in my own business.
b. To cause to become regular or usual: established the habit of going to bed early.
c. To cause to be able to grow or thrive: The tree needs to be watered to help it become established.
3. To cause to be recognized and accepted: a discovery that established his reputation.
4. To introduce and put (a law, for example) into force.
5. To prove the validity or truth of: The defense attorneys established the innocence of the accused.
6. To make a state institution of (a church).

[Middle English establishen, from Old French establir, establiss-, from Latin stabilīre, from stabilis, firm; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]

es·tab′lish·er n.
Synonyms: establish, create, found1, institute, organize
These verbs mean to bring something into existence and set it in operation: establishing a business; created a trust fund; founded a colony; instituted an annual benefit concert; organizing a field trip.
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The wonderful Bank, of which he was the chief projector, establisher, and manager, was the latest of the many Merdle wonders.
The word formation meaning of the above compounds are 'elteris'--'uniting the country', eletmis--'founder or establisher of the country', 'elteber'--'promoter of the country'.
He was prominent establisher of Al-Jahraa Co-op and member of the National Assembly in 1971, 1975, and 1981.
Aside from SEO, the company offers brand marketing services like Brand Establisher and Brand Booster to build brands for its clients that target markets can identify with.
Lu Zhongli, though not charged as a member of the Donglin faction by Donglin's rivals, clearly was a firm supporter of Gu Xiancheng, the establisher of the Donglin Academy in 1594, when Gu Xiancheng was fired by the emperor for Gu's defense of the collective deliberation tradition.
In this newly made past, Kioumars was the first human being on the earth and the king of humanity, Mazdak was the theoretician of freedom and equality and Kave was the establisher of fair kingdom.
Arriving at the World Music Awards wearing a dazzling blue gown designed by Sherri Hill, the Lebanese superstar accepted her plaque on stage for "Best Live Act" in the Middle East by the event establisher Melissa Cochran, according to the Middle East news portal.
Francis Ford dominates the book as the establisher of the family business and the senior member whose long and illustrious history of films is documented.
Captain Aysha Al Hamili, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the Council of The International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO), Kevin Abdulrahman, motivational and leadership speaker, Praveen Vettiyattil, Director of Renewable Energy at Industrial Engineering and General Contracting (IEGC) in UAE and Naoko Kishida, establisher of the "UAE-Japan Cultural Center" will also attend.
Sang-Il Park from the Republic of Korea; the establisher of a few technology parks.
If this face-off between a meticulous establisher of truth and a bold champion of poetic license strikes you as a bit contrived, then I say: well spotted .
Yesterday was a definite foundation establisher as the Bruins scored early and got great goaltending throughout from Thomas (27 saves, a dozen of them high quality) while displaying a willingness to sacrifice, best exemplified by doling out hits (28), blocking shots (16), and either entering or clearing "The House," as they call the front of the net.