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A small café where alcoholic beverages are available for purchase.

[French, probably from Walloon èstaminê, staminê, cowshed, little café, probably from stamen, post to which a cow is tied at the feeding trough, probably of Germanic origin; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


a small café, bar, or bistro, esp a shabby one
[C19: from French, perhaps from Walloon dialect staminet manger]


(ɛs ta miˈnɛ)

n., pl. -nets (-ˈnɛ)
a bistro.


A French word meaning a small bar, cafe, or bistro.
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Noun1.estaminet - a small (and usually shabby) cafe selling wine and beer and coffeeestaminet - a small (and usually shabby) cafe selling wine and beer and coffee
cafe, coffee bar, coffee shop, coffeehouse - a small restaurant where drinks and snacks are sold
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Hemp the officer reads out periodically at the Sheriffs' Court--young gentlemen of very good family often, only that the latter disowns them; frequenters of billiard-rooms and estaminets, patrons of foreign races and gaming- tables.
The Palm Brewery, maker of Belgium's top-selling ale, answers this home-market demand with Estaminet, a Belgian-style pilsner hopped with 100% Saaz, and aged for four weeks.
ELIOT, ANTI-SEMITISM, AND LITERARY FORM 1 (1995) ("And the jew squats on the window sill, the owner, / Spawned in some estaminet of Antwerp, / Blistered in Brussels, patched and peeled in London.
My house is a decayed house, and the Jew squats an the window sill the owner, Spavined in some estaminet of Antwerp, Blistered in Brussels, patched and peeled in London .
Au Vieux de la Vieille is a cute little estaminet behind the cathedral in Place aux Oignons (mains about PS10) that specialises in local dishes such as carbonnade flamande (juicy chunks of beef cooked for ages in beer) and a version of Welsh rarebit with gorgeously pungent Maroilles cheese www.
For a tasty lunch try the Estaminet Au Vieux de la Vieille (00 33 3 20 13 81 64; estaminetlille.
Belgians, in particular, lamented the lack of an open-air venue, good food and the conviviality of the "old country" cafe or estaminet.
Named after the Dutch city's famous brown cafes, Bruin takes off where the former Estaminet bar left off on Littlejohn Street.
I'm not much into fancy bars so spend most of my time in Estaminet and The Wild Boar.
jew squats on the window sill, the owner / Spawned in some estaminet of
Coles sent the manuscript of the breezy and carefree first movement, Estaminet de Carrefour - dated November 3 1917 and spattered with blood and mud - to Holst, who wrote on it that the other three movements, The Wayside Shrine, Cortege and 'Rumours', had probably been destroyed by a shell during the retreat in March 1918.
Noel Murless and Sandy Barclay enjoy a 44-1 double at Newbury as Stirling Castle beats Astonish, and Estaminet beats Summer Knave.