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A large estate or cattle ranch in Spanish America.

[Spanish, room, enclosure, country estate, from Vulgar Latin *stantia, something standing, from Latin stāns, stant-, present participle of stāre, to stand; see stā- in Indo-European roots.]


(ɪˈstænsɪə; Spanish esˈtansia)
(in Spanish America) a large estate or cattle ranch
[C18: from American Spanish, from Spanish: dwelling, from Vulgar Latin stantia (unattested) a remaining, from Latin stāre to stand]


(ɛˈstɑn si ə)

n., pl. -cias.
(in Spanish America) a landed estate or a cattle ranch.
[1695–1705; < American Spanish; Sp: dwelling, sojourn < Vulgar Latin *stantia; see stance]
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One Sunday the Governor came in great form to pay the estancia a visit, and General Rosas, in his hurry, walked out to receive him with his knife, as usual, stuck in his belt.
Every estancia, or farming estate, has one attached to it.
Rio Negro -- Estancias attacked by the Indians -- Salt-Lakes -- Flamingoes -- R.
The wandering tribes of horse Indians, which have always occupied the greater part of this country, having of late much harassed the outlying estancias, the government at Buenos Ayres equipped some time since an army under the command of General Rosas for the purpose of exterminating them.
Held at the Estancia Hotel and Spa January 28, 2016 9a-5p, this training introduces participants to skills needed for effective negotiations, managing conflicts and creating solutions based on spiritual principles revered by many wisdom traditions.
Ridon is author of HR 1600, "urging the House committee on energy to conduct a review of implementation of the Oil Spill Compensation Law in connection with the non-collection of the Oil Pollution Management Fund, which could have been used to address the Estancia oil spill in Iloilo and other similar cases of oil pollution.
The Estancia Wine-Infused Bakery Box ($28) brings together the mouthwatering notes of the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with the delicious small-batch bakery bars for which Silverland Bakery is famous.
June 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Standard Pacific Homes, one of the nation's leaders in homebuilding quality, today announced the grand opening of Estancia at Wiregrass, a master-planned resort-style community situated in the heart of Wesley Chapel.
16-Mercedes (58[degree] 05' W, 29[degree] 10' S), 17-Estancia Rincon del Socorro (57[degree] 10' W, 28[degree] 32' S), 18-Colonia Pellegrini (57[degree] 10' W, 28[degree] 35' S), 19-Camba Trapo (56[degree] 51' W, 28[degree] 27' S), 20-Cuenca del Rio Aguapey (56[degree] 56' W, 28[degree] 36' S), 21- Estancia San Juan Poriahu (57[degree] I 1' W, 27[degree] 42' S)/PN Mburucuya (58[degree] 05' W, 28[degree] 00' S), 22-Rinc6n Santa Maria (56[degree] 35' W, 27[degree] 30' S).
Based on preliminary results from the Estancia Campos-1 well, the company estimates reserves of nearly 11 million barrels of oil equivalent.
A gaucho on horseback, set against the vast plains of the Pampas, is one of the enduring images of Argentina, and many people enjoy a stay at an estancia to experience the ranch lifestyle.
First Wednesday Wine Tasting and Sale" features 10 wines from Estancia and Wild Horse wineries in central California, including Estancia Chardonnay Paso Robles 2008; Estancia Meritage Paso Robles Cabernet 2006; Wild Horse Cabernet 2007; and Wild Horse Pinot Noir 2006.