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also es·thet·i·cize (ĕs-thĕt′ə-sīz′)
tr.v. aes·thet·i·cized, aes·thet·i·ciz·ing, aes·thet·i·ciz·es or es·thet·i·cized or es·thet·i·ciz·ing or es·thet·i·ci·zes
To depict in an idealized or artistic manner.


(iːsˈθɛtɪˌsaɪz; ɪs-) or


vb (tr)
make aesthetic
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The films supply the behavior and style stereotypes that contribute to estheticizing the overstepping of boundaries.
Grass has remarked that, influenced by his early training as a sculptor and graphic artist and by the estheticizing tendencies of the immediate postwar period, his early poems were exercises in formal virtuosity.
The photographs taken by Russian sputniks and American Ranger missions in the '60s placed a premium on accuracy; the estheticizing idealism of solitary 19th-century selenographers had been replaced by the scientificity of highly trained specialists in the service of government agencies.
Strutting" before the forest's eyes could be seen merely as the passerby's lack of interest or attempt at evasion; "flirting" before its lashes, as evidenced in the second line of the poem, where the walker experiences an almost-pleasant shudder with the forest's lashes brushing his shoulder, could denote a masochistic pleasure and, possibly, in the romanticized poetic diction, the danger of estheticizing away the terror.
Organized for the Venice Biennale by Cathrin Pichler, with altogether too much assistance from director Jean Clair, the exhibition, with its 19th-century fetish for estheticizing ugliness, takes the prize for the most unattractive show of the year.
This estheticizing of little literature has, in the large northern city of an even larger northern empire, often been done requisitely.
So art advertises by estheticizing the anesthetic - the tasteless, odorless, and colorless - the "invisible.
It is, furthermore, a poem that held its own author in some awe, partly for its strangely fragmented but persistently surging "givenness," partly for the way its slowly maturing composition (1963-69) coincided with significant personal and other events (psychoanalytic sessions, his mother's death in 1964, the death of Elio Vittorini, the upheavals of May 1968), but also due to the unprecedented urge to probe and penetrate the deep, intricate, and often obscure felt pertinence of a text of unusual ampleness written far from any daintily estheticizing poetics.
DD: Older Conceptual artists did end up involuntarily or accidentally estheticizing the philosophical or political ideas that motivated their work.
All this should not be taken to imply some hidden agenda of estheticizing recuperation; it does show, however, that the honoring of the world's seeming insignificances entails a matching honor of language and form, tender or smiling, reflective or even solemn: a caressing recognition of our simple creative symbols in their brushing against l'or du commun.
Man Ray used the photogram to make the everyday "surreal"; Fuss forces it both to work in the service of a compulsively estheticizing eye and hand, and to point to the impossibility, finally, of photography offering anything but absence and death.