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et seq.

and the following.
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iii) An itemized deduction for state and local general sales taxes claimed in lieu of the itemized deduction for state and local income taxes (see [paragraph] K-4510 et seq.
This indemnification specifically includes any claims that may be made against DISTRICT by any taxing authority asserting that an employer-employee relationship exists between ACCOUNTANT and DISTRICT by reason of this Agreement, and any claims made against DISTRICT alleging civil rights violations by ACCOUNTANT under Government Code section 12920 et seq.
Section(s) 1125(a); deceptive trade practices in violation of Illinois State statutory law (815 ILCS Section(s) 510 et seq.
The "illegal use of drugs" includes the use, possession, or distribution of drugs as defined by the Controlled Substances Act (21 USCA (ss) 801 et seq.
Object of the contract HOAI is awarding achievements of the project planning in accordance with A* 33 et seq.
Will be provided basic services A* A* 43 et seq and 51 et seq of the HOAI 2013 and related special services (eg.
A* 33 et seq HOAI, Phases 6-9, stepwise, for the construction of a residential building with 30 residential units and TG with about 29 St.
The Tax Increment Financing Act was adopted by the Mississippi Legislature in 1986, and can be found at Sections 21-45-1 et seq.