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1. Being without beginning or end: belief in an eternal creator.
a. Continuing without interruption; perpetual: earned my eternal gratitude. See Synonyms at continual.
b. Seemingly endless; interminable: eternal waiting at the airport.
1. Something timeless, uninterrupted, or endless: "Shall we speak of universals and eternals?" (Cynthia Ozick).
2. Eternal God. Used with the.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin aeternālis, from Latin aeternus; see aiw- in Indo-European roots.]

e′ter·nal′i·ty (ē′tər-năl′ĭ-tē), e·ter′nal·ness n.
e·ter′nal·ly adv.
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2. The totality of time without beginning or end:
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34) Anselm stops short of full explanation, though, because his primary concern is to highlight the eternality and consubstantiality of the Word with the Supreme Spirit--De Trinitate is in the back of his mind throughout the treatise.
For example in symbols of Shahnameh a Scythian hero could have been reached to eternality in myth without mentioning in history and this symbol is Rustam.
McMullin invokes Augustinian sensibilities about God's eternality in his reply.
Compulsory monogamy and the exaggerated eternality of fidelity have been analyzed from the feminist position as "patriarchal" since this is seen as a duty for women.
The ceremony affirms the eternality of the relationship between God and the Jewish people, whatever the latter's faults and transgressions.
Far more important to the medieval worldview than the measurable material world by distance, national boundary, and historical period was the theological abstraction of space-time, which put a far greater emphasis on the difference between eternality on the one hand and mortal constructions of time and space on the other.
3; 7); 3) eternality of royal prerogatives (multiple times in SAA 9 1.
They continue to underline the eternality of male leadership that is naturalized in the film that focuses on the reconstruction of idealized masculinity--whose loss has been thematized by men's studies since the 1990s.
It was abundant, it seemed as though it must go on shining forever," Byatt tells us, granting the meadow a seeming eternality of both space and time and hinting further at the neo-mythical quality of this chapter (552).
In The Survivor and the Translator Leeny Sack adopts a remarkable theatrical strategy revolving around a continually shifting relationship between a historical and thus absent-yet-present survivor of the Holocaust, and a granddaughter who gives the former eternality by bringing her back to stage life.
The castigation and subsequent fear of paganism in Judaism goes back to Moses and the classical prophets' inveighing against its dangers upon entry into the Land, and during first Temple times; it is also a dominant theme in the Jewish reactions to Hellenistic culture, and Greek philosophy, which affirmed the eternality of nature, and denied Divine Creation.
There are spider drawings on the astrolabe That demonstrates eternal traits Spider represents facts about eternality and world Spider and astrolabe predict without fortuneteller The poet likens reason to spider in offering weak and instable thoughts: When the phoenix finds trap near the prey Spider of reason whenever weaves this web