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Noun1.ethics panel - a committee appointed to consider ethical issues
commission, committee - a special group delegated to consider some matter; "a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle
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Two investigations of the Salt Lake charges are being conducted, one by the IOC and one by the ethics panel of the Salt Lake Olympic organizing committee.
The Democratic Party of Japan failed Monday to win the opposition's cooperation in trying to arrange for the DPJ's scandal-tainted bigwig Ichiro Ozawa to attend a session of the parliamentary ethics panel.
The planned meeting, initiated by the opposition bloc, comes as the ruling camp is seeking ways to resolve the issue regarding Ozawa, who has refused to appear before a parliamentary ethics panel to explain his involvement in the scandal with unsworn testimony.
SALEM - The state government ethics panel launched a formal investigation Friday into a Eugene lawmaker's complaint that the SAIF Corp.
The committee turned the investigation over to a five-member ethics panel that would, according to a written resolution, be ``free from any direction or control'' by organizers.
Ichiro Ozawa, former leader of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan, on Thursday refused to attend a parliamentary ethics panel over the political funding scandal in which he is embroiled after the convening Monday of the 150-day ordinary Diet session.
And the newly surfaced evidence could lead the state ethics panel to widen its investigation into whether SAIF failed to report its spending on lobbying.
Jean-Claude Ganga's purchase and sale of three residential lots is being investigated by a Salt Lake Olympic Committee ethics panel looking into allegations that bribes were used to win the 2002 Winter Games.
28 -- Ozawa expresses his intention to appear before a parliamentary ethics panel.
SALEM - The state ethics panel Wednesday rebuffed schools Superintendent Stan Bunn's request that it deal immediately with an investigation into whether he used his public office for personal gain.
The audit released by the ethics panel names six alleged law violations and says the Alatorre campaign received 11 contributions in excess of the $500-per-person contribution limit.
The DPJ leadership is trying to have Ozawa appear before the House of Representatives political ethics panel to testify on the scandal prior to the start of the session.