ethmoid sinus

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Noun1.ethmoid sinus - a sinus of the meatuses of the nasal cavity (behind the bridge of the nose)
sinus - any of various air-filled cavities especially in the bones of the skull
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Intersect ENT announced publication of results from a randomized pivotal Phase III study of the company's Sinuva Sinus Implant, a new targeted approach to treating recurrent nasal polyp disease in patients who have had previous ethmoid sinus surgery.
Pneumatization from the anterior ethmoid sinus can invade adjacent osseous structures and form paranasal sinus cells.
Among the PNS most commonly involved was maxillary sinus (35 [70%]) followed by ethmoid sinus (20 [40%]), sphenoid sinus (17 [34%]), and frontal sinus (12 [24%]).
Their etiology is unknown, and they most commonly involve the frontal and ethmoid sinus.
3) reported that mucoceles arose most frequently from the ethmoid sinus in their paranasal sinus mucocele case series, which was composed of 10 pediatric patients.
2] There have been fewer than 500 reported cases of primary squamous cell carcinoma of the ethmoid sinus in the English literature.
16) nasal fossae and maxillary, occurring less in the ethmoid sinus.
Both Propel and Propel mini are indicated for use following ethmoid sinus surgery.
It markets two steroid releasing implants, PROPEL and PROPEL mini, clinically proven to improve surgical outcomes for patients with chronic sinusitis undergoing ethmoid sinus surgery.
35) Frontal cephaloceles may present through a defect in the anterior cranial fossa into the ethmoid sinus or nasal cavity.
The most common sites of origin for primary mucoceles were the ethmoid sinus (31.