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n. etmoidectomía, extirpación de las células etmoideas o de parte del hueso etmoide.
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Right uncinectomy, right antrostomy and right anterior ethmoidectomy were done.
9% following intranasal ethmoidectomy, in patients with polyp who had undergone nasal polypectomy previously16.
We performed bilateral ethmoidectomy and right-sided middle meatal antrostomy and found that the right maxillary sinus was filled with mucopurulent secretions.
Laterality Percentage Left 18 53% Right 13 38% Bilateral 3 9% Additional procedures 9 Percentage Septoplasty, 26% Conchoplasty and Ethmoidectomy Table 2.
An endoscopic maxillary antrostomy and ethmoidectomy were performed to facilitate the endoscopic repair of the FSOT.
After preoperation assessment including subjective complains (snoring, sleep apnea, nasal blockage, mouth breathing, and daytime fatigue) and objective assessment (BMI, ENT examination, PSG, and computed tomography [CT] scan), all 12 patients went through bilateral endoscopic total ethmoidectomy, bilateral endoscopic middle meatal antrostomy with removal of maxillary sinus tissue, bilateral submucous resection of the inferior turbinates, and bilateral outfracturing of the inferior turbinates.
The patient is directed to the ENT Surgery Department of Bucharest Hospital where an anterior left ethmoidectomy was performed, with minimal improvement of the symptoms after surgery.
The conference was preceded by courses and workshops on Skull Base Surgery: From open to endoscopic- the transition and evolution, Nasal/sinus anatomy for the neurosurgeons- the intranasal landmarks, antrostomy, ethmoidectomy, Endoscopic approaches to the pituitary and the skull base-Tips and the techniques, anatomical dissection besides indications and limitations of endoscopic approach to anterior skull base.
Transnasal ethmoidectomy under endoscopial control.
Anterior and posterior ethmoidectomy done to expose the site of leak.
A left medial maxillectomy and ethmoidectomy was performed.
Chlorhexidine has been reported to cause corneal damage during presurgical skin preparation during cataract surgery (47), craniotomy (48), ethmoidectomy (48), blepharoplasty and facial reconstructive surgery (49) or by accidental spillage into the eyes (50).