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The ruler of a province or people.

[Greek ethnarkhēs : ethnos, nation; see ethnic + -arkhēs, -arch.]

eth′nar′chy n.


the rank and position of a governor of a province or people. — ethnarch, n.
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It is known that in 1956, and particularly after the arrival here of young men connected with terrorism in Cyprus, several meetings were held at the offices of the Ethnarchy, 21 Fitzroy Square, London to considerwhether it would be advisable or desirable to start terrorist activities in this country with a view to helping the Cypriot national struggle.
double dagger]) Secretary to the Ethnarchy Council.
Following the principles of sociality--or solidarity, and hypotactics--or subsidiarity, the liberty and perfection of individuals is proportionally enhanced, in Taparelli's view, with the integration into ever larger human communities, indeed up to the eventual global society of peoples, the democratic ethnarchy, (ST, 714; CE, 120, II) which he foresaw as the fulfillment of the immutable laws of nature.