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The ruler of a province or people.

[Greek ethnarkhēs : ethnos, nation; see ethnic + -arkhēs, -arch.]

eth′nar′chy n.


the rank and position of a governor of a province or people. — ethnarch, n.
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While Akel went along with the Ethnarchy and became a fiery supporter of enosis, the KKK took a stand in favour of independence and therefore against union with Greece.
double dagger]) Secretary to the Ethnarchy Council.
Following the principles of sociality--or solidarity, and hypotactics--or subsidiarity, the liberty and perfection of individuals is proportionally enhanced, in Taparelli's view, with the integration into ever larger human communities, indeed up to the eventual global society of peoples, the democratic ethnarchy, (ST, 714; CE, 120, II) which he foresaw as the fulfillment of the immutable laws of nature.
The main reason brotherly relations between Muslims and Christians deteriorated was because the Ethnarchy decided to start an armed struggle for enosis in the 1950s, without any consultations with our Turkish Cypriot compatriots, who embraced Turkey for their survival.
Therefore, we are obliged to recommend that no secret should be confided to him either by the Ethnarchy or by the Greek Consulate.