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The study of especially indigenous or non-Western peoples from a combined historical and anthropological viewpoint, using written documents, oral narrative, material culture, and ethnographic data.

eth′no·his·to′ri·an (-hĭ-stôr′ē-ən, -stŏr′-) n.
eth′no·his·to′ric (-hĭ-stôr′ĭk, -stŏr′-), eth′no·his·to′ri·cal adj.


(ˌɛθnəʊˈhɪstrɪ; ˌɛθnəʊˈhɪstərɪ)
(Anthropology & Ethnology) the study of the history of culture or race


(ˌɛθ noʊˈhɪs tə ri)

the anthropological study of cultures lacking a written history of their own.
eth`no•his•to′ri•an (-hɪˈstɔr i ən, -ˈstoʊr-) n.
eth`no•his•tor′i•cal (-ˈstɔr ɪ kəl, -ˈstɒr-) eth`no•his•tor′ic, adj.
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Its readership includes scholars in linguistics, history, ethnohistory, Latin American studies, anthropology, and archaeology.
It will contribute to scholarship of the Atlantic World, colonial Latin America, indigenous slavery, and ethnohistory.
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In reconstructing indigenous and colonial forms of slavery, he combines ethnohistory (new Indian history) with both Atlantic history and Imperial history.
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It contains ten papers that honor DeMallie's contributions to the study of ethnohistory through analyses of his methods and theoretical innovations and through new studies of American Indian culture that are influenced by DeMallie's approach.
Rather, Phillips' ethnohistory attempts a more complex narrative of "neophytes" and "gentiles" as more than either assimilated within or remaining outside of frontier institutions.
It nicely complements McKibben's work on the Italians in Cannery Row and bids fair to fulfill the author's seeming quest to flesh out completely the ethnohistory of the urban Monterey Peninsula.
The Ethnohistory of the Chowchilla Yokuts" is a groundbreaking treatise that defines and traces the documentable history of the Chowchilla Yokut tribe of Central California from the 1800's and their earliest known origins to the present.
Ethnohistory is a methodological tradition that combines anthropological and historical perspectives and methodologies--such as participant observation, in-depth interviewing, analysis of primary documents, and collection of oral histories--to study historical and socio-cultural processes.