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The name of a people or ethnic group.

eth′no·nym′ic adj.


(Anthropology & Ethnology) the name of an ethnic group


(ˈɛθ noʊ nɪm)
the name of a tribe, people, or ethnic group.
[1960–65; ethn (o)- + -onym]
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A comparable example is found in Mongolian, where the name for China is Kitad, a plural of the ethnonym Kitan, the Mongolic people that ruled portions of North China from the tenth to the twelfth centuries.
There are other contemporary references to the ethnonym Tara-Waragal: in Reports from the Central Board for Aborigines (Victoria 1861, 1869), Hagenauer in Smyth (1878) and other manuscript sources (see below).
The second interesting aspect in this passage is the use of the ethnonym Saxones.
After all, the ethnonym Terranova, literally-meaning "New Land", was a Portuguese imposition for an undefined stretch of West African coast and an ancient one at that.
Smith: common selfname or ethnonym, faith in common ancestry, common history, existence in historically stable territory, one or some signs of culture, solidarity feeling of a group" (Strakauskaite 2001).
Zhao Tuo's name for his kingdom, "Nanyue," suggested the ancient ethnonym "the Hundred Yue" (bai yue), a collective term for the various peoples south of the Yangtze River to the coastline of the Tongking Gulf.
60 angegeben) wurde in einem Daina-Lied aufgezeichnet, wo Erlebtes der Hochzeitsleute in der Fremde beschrieben wird, gibt es vom Ethnonym eine Variante mit-v (s.
It is played by the group of ethnic minorities called the Miao in China, of whom about one third are Hmong (Tapp 2001:4) although the ethnonym "Miao" is often used as a synonym for "Hmong.
In Chinese history (the historical accounts of China are introduced in Section 3), when a new regime was established, the official ethnonym and colour were more often shifted than the other protocols.
For the reader's convenience, I use one ethnonym throughout this article.
under one ethnonym (Bhote), reporting it constitutes as much as 50
At the same time ethnonym eestlane (Estonian) was introduced.